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Thread: L20 nuke bird Q's

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    Default L20 nuke bird Q's

    1. Pure dex or with 22 str?
    2. Hallow dex helm or plat pack helm?
    3. Any good nuke build?

    Hope someone can share his/her knowledge about l20 nuke bird. Thanks.
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    Pure dex and hallo

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    i think; from memory:

    1-6 blast
    1-4break (stacks if you didnt know already, lol; therefor 5+ isnt needed)
    1 blind
    1-6 root (depending on blast level, most i have met used 1 but i have always liked 6 to cripple dodgers, entirely preference)
    1repulse (more isnt needed unless you are used to having more, again, it is changed off your blast lvl
    1 shattering scream (combo damage, mandatory)
    1avian (not needed, i like it for the stun purposes, works well in conjunction w/ reaper)

    i think thats all you get a 20?? i feel like im missing a skill (not evasion)

    i think the viable helms are:

    -bird plat set 3pc (cheaper than 4 set and you just need helm)

    -dex hallo (definitely)

    -int hallo (tankier than dex, more dodge, less crit hit and overall dmg due to stat bonuses of 10 dex (approx 2 dmg if i recall correctly off phys's guide)

    - i think (dont quote me on this) there is some form of L17-19 pink helm, ik the green version is pirates sniper helm, not sure if pink even exists.

    ALMOST FORGOT: pure dex, though only if you choose not to use armsman for dodge, 22str is only used for a dodge setup, which is different entirely (stratergy and gear wise IMO)


    paw (not sure if still viable, works w/ a dodge set)
    reaper (to an extent, this destroys 22 str bears, though struggles vs everything else unless you can play the class extremely well..)

    take this entire post w/ a grain of slat, i was never amazing at 20, i was ok though... most of the decent ones have left, try to pm "D-:" ; he checks occasionally..

    outdated since nerf and newer metas, tactics are the same, great guide, i reccommend it.!
    18 guide, great to read, though its dodge based, which from my experience works better only vs mages and birds, bears, as always have been easier for me..

    the only L20 guide i could find: (also a good one )

    sorry that this is so unstructured, hope it helps regardless , ill be making one very very soon
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