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Thread: L16 Mage Guide

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    Default L16 Mage Guide

    L16 Mage Guide:
    Information: 16 is better than 15 because ofcourse of one skill, somtimes kite builds dont work for them because they have to get lower heal or light. Once someone tried 6 heal, but she had to get 5 light, & that made her way worse. Also for a kite build what skill do you take off because they are 15, it only leaves not the best stats, but somtimes low heal is good but not good when you are fighting with a mage, or a bear. For the best build for 16, 6 heal is used, & that is like 50 more hp in every heal, & you get 50 more hp in every heal, but your getting dmged the same, & eventually you will win. 15's are not good against 17 mages, & pally mages because they don't have max heal, to win. You have to be extremely experienced to beat a 20 mage with only 5 heal & most are not, therefore 16 is better than 15.
    Best: 1 frost, 6 light, 6 heal, 1 fire, & 1 drain.
    Excels against bears but not much for mages: 1 frost, 5 light, 5 heal, 3 fire, 1 drain.
    Base Stats:
    52 Dex, & 22 int. Rest of the attributes can be used on anything. More int is for mana regen, & more dex i think is more critical. If you will use an fbow, use it on dex.

    *Gear: The gear in the category can be used for the title. First you need to know what to buy to be a good L16 Mage.
    Used for dmg:
    L15 Hlwn Bone Helm Dex
    L15 Experts
    L15 Pink/Purple Paw
    L15 Pink/Purple Evi
    L16 Pink/Purple Forgotten Bow
    6 Dmg, 2 Crit Ring
    Used for armor:
    L15 Hlwn Bone Helm Dex
    L15 Artistans
    L15 Pink/Purple Paw
    L15 Pink/Purple Evi
    6 Armor, 2 Hit% Ring
    Used for Mana Regen:
    L15 Woodland Cap Dex, this is found in the fox pack.
    L5 Alch, for crit, or L5 Sorc, for dodge.
    L10 Dreamers fire wand/ 15/10 Pink/Purple Toy
    L10/15 Cuddle frost
    Sets you should save for quick use:
    Title it Dmg Paw:
    L15 Hlwn Bone Helm Dex
    L15 Experts
    L15 Pink/Purple Paw
    L15 Pink/Purple Evi
    6 Dmg Ring, 2 Crit Ring
    Title it Paw Armor:
    L15 Hlwn Bone Helm Dex
    L15 Artistans
    L15 Pink/Purple Paw
    L15 Pink/Purple Evi
    6 Armor, & 2 Hit% Ring
    Title it Paw Regen: Recommended that you hide your robe so that they think you didn't switch & you should do it fast.
    L15 Woodland Cap
    L15 Sorc.
    L15 Pink/Purple Paw, you use this so that you can continue dmg, & if you totally have no mana & they put on a toy, or fire wand, put on your toy.
    L15 Pink/Purple Evi, use this so you can continue dmg, use cuddle frost only when they put on their full regen set.
    Title it Fbow or Fbow Dmg:
    L15 Hlwn Bone Helm Dex
    L15 Experts
    L15 Pink/Purple Fbow

    Now after you did this you can keep switching sets easily. Make sure for your mana regen paw, your gear is exactly the same as your paw armor, & paw dmg, so they can't tell if you put on mana regen, or which robe you have on the other team. Oh btw if you want to see someones robe click give & see how like bat wings look on them & then you see their robe.-Fun Fact-

    *Combos: Kite is used often for each class except mages, which nuke is to happen, & there aren't much foxes, there are mostly bears that have buffs, & to equal it you kite. There isn't much of a combo to know, it is just commonly known of what to do such as if you get damaged you heal, & you kite bears before they stomp, & you frost bears when they run, & etc. Combos below are just a bunch of combos, to kill them, & it is usally what i use in most fights, but for each bear it is different, they might avoid frost by stomping, or dodge, & miss your frost.

    Combo for bears: Use frost, & fire alot, because bears usally run, & paws do not melt the frost. Use drain, light, fire, & frost, light, fire then repeat nessecary skills. Make sure every time you use a combo you through in a frost.
    Gear for bears: Use the armor set for the bears & the armor set is said above. Bears have dmg, because they have buffs that raise their stats, & mages need a thing against it so armor is the alternative. Dmg can be a good way for some bears probably with less rage, or if they are just bad & you want to kill them faster.

    Combo for mages: There are different types of mages so i will organize it below.
    20 Mages- 20 Pally pack mages can be easy if you do a mana fight. First, put on armor, but just the sorc robe for them, & keep kiting, dont light, or attack, just light fire sometimes, & frost alot, & heal, until they have no mana, you put on your fbow, & nuke them with drain, light, fire, & then now your chasing them, & if they have too much armor, & your running out of mana wear paw regen, but dmg ring, & evi.
    15/16 Mages- Use light, fire alot for debuff, & not frost alot, it has no impact because mose mages do not run. Combo is drain, light, fire, & pretty much of just mostly doing light before them, & sometimes back up so light misses, & you debuff them more, suddenly your skills start hitting higher, & you win. High light is for debuff, & it has the most dmg of all the other skills that 15/16s have. Eventually, if they can survive all that there will be a mana regen fight, & sometimes invertibrate wears mana regen before the mana fight, & she loses so DO NOT do so. Use mana regen after you have about between 1/4-1/2 mana, & use light alot, keep doing light only, so that great mana is not lost. When you have most of your mana back like more than 1/2 & you did some debuffing you put on dmg, & nuke them, sometimes you can just wear fbow, & regen, but you have way less armor so it does not work on everyone. For fbow mages, wear your fbow, & just drain, light, fire, & light, then repeat nessecary combos.

    Gear: Use armor for fbow mages, pally mages, & sometimes some mages with lots of dmg at 15-16, & use dmg mainly for 15-16 mages.
    Combo for birds: There aren't much birds, but it seems they are growing for lvl 17, & 20.
    Use drain, light, & fire, heal up, & use frost, light, fire, & then you repeat.
    Gear: Paw armor for 20 birds, & 17 birds, sometimes use fbow for 17 birds.

    Combo for foxes: There might be some foxes with paws, & fbows but most are rare. The poulation is mostly within bears, mages, then birds.
    Use drain, light, fire, heal, light, fire, & light, & then repeat.
    Gear: Use Fbow, for foxes that use paws, either fbows, but there are sometimes that you fight 20 foxes, i usually don't fight with them on mage i use my paladin, lvl 20, or somtimes i fight with them, & use armor paw for them so that their damage is lower.

    Combo for paladins: Paladins can be beat, & some can't.
    Use the pally mage technique, & they have lots of armor & they heal alot, so use dmg, but don't use the fbow with mana regen too little of armor, with their hammer.

    L16 Guide Ends here, if you have any questions reply to this thread below. I will be adding pictures soon.
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    6 heal isn't the best, it's just a waste of a skill point. Especially at 15/16

    The maximum heal you need is 5. Unless you're doing l15 pally mage, you're not going to need 6 for anything, I can probably beat a 16 mage with 6 heal, with a level 15 using 5 heal.

    I would rather put it into drain than heal. And int will up your skill damage not just for mana regen lol

    Plus there is a 15 mage guide by inveribrate which pretty much covers everything you need to know.
    mainly on imbinger or mantine anymore

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