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Thread: L 22 Mage Guide

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    Default L 22 Mage Guide

    Lvl 22 Pally Mage Guide:

    Build: 1 frost, 5 light, 5 heal, 3 fire, 1 icestorm, 1 drain, 4 bom, 1 def buff, or instead of 1 def buff, 5 crit buff.

    Gear: Pally pack set. H-2 Hammers found in paladin packs, & for bears the armor, hat, sword, & shield is found. You also can use a reaper instead of the sword, & hlwn str set instead of the pally hat, & armor. You can use an evi, or shrunken, but instead of int for evi use the rest on dex. For a ring, you can chose any but most are not good except if they are dex.
    For dex mana regen wear woodland cap, lvl 10 wand, & pally armor & shield.
    For int mana regen use the lvl 10 int set, but instead of the robe use alch, or sorc. Sorc gives more dodge, but one less mana regen.

    Base Stats: 64 Str, rest on int.

    Combos start with buffs first, but it won't be notated below. I also highlighted which is the best for each class.

    Combo for mages: Mages kite often so make sure you keep close, & frost when they kite. Mana fights come often when fighting with other pally mages, so at the beginning hide your armor & put on sorc if they have a sword on, & for hammer wear sorc, while in mana fight.

    Hammer: drain, light, icestorm, fire, & heal when needed, use light icestorm, & fire while waiting for drain combo.

    Reaper: light, icestorm, fire, & use drain when your low or when they are about to die to kill them.

    Combo for bears: Bears usally stun & run so make sure you use frost often.

    Hammer: light, icestorm, fire & kite, heal up, & drain, light, fire, & repeat.

    Reaper: light, icestorm, fire, & use drain when your low or when you are about to kill them.

    Combo for foxes: Foxes have good dmg, so make sure you sometimes kite.

    Hammer: drain, light, heal, icestorm, fire, then light, icestorm, & fire while you wait. Kite them when they use they get close.

    Reaper: light, icestorm, & fire, heal, drain, light, fire. Sometimes do frost, & fire.

    Combo for birds: There aren't much birds but there are some & the majority they are lvl 20, they kite alot, by backing up & the hammer can't hit them, so reaper is good for armor, or wear hammer with armor.

    Hammer: drain, light, & fire, heal, light, & fire.

    Reaper: light, fire, & use drain when almost dead, or when they are fighting with you backwards & running.

    Combo for paladins: Use a sword, & run their mana using mana regen under your plat armor, & wear a armor ring.

    Hammer: drain, light, & fire, heal up, stay at a distance because they have good dmg with their hammer.

    Reaper: light, icestorm, & fire, drain, light, fire, heal up, & repeat.

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    pally can survive than pure int, im build pure int and i die in one hit

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    Boo mage still kicks butt lmao

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