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Thread: noob stories

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    Well back in my day there used to be a chest called Locked grand crate of watch (something like that).
    Once I got that chest and couldn't open it.
    I started playing AL with a friend. I gave her the Locked.
    She coulodn't open it. She gave me back.
    We spent 30 mins trolling by gifting that locked to eachother.
    Inventory slot was only 25 and couldn't delete the locked. Hated the locked soooooo much. Thought it was some trolling material.
    Until the day I came to know about auction and needless to say I was shocked seeing lockeds being 10k there.
    10k was a big deal for us and from there my journey to farm lepre started. Farmed 5k golds everyday running around breckenridge and dead city with sad hungry pet.
    Everyday we went closer to finally own a lepre.
    Struggling life. Met some good friends, some bad rude people who used to yell at me for not using potions. Learned so many things too like I don't have to rush to the loots each mobs drop incase if someone else steal my loot or every town don't show different auctions.
    Oh Malison colton used to be the dream pet while blight frost were affordable baes <3

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    When I was a noob i alway placed 2 pts on str/dex/int each when i leveled up. I was a crappy warrrior, and people would yell at me gtfo go home and play candy crush. And once i realized respec scrolls would change my stats, I didnt buy them, becuase I thought 1 respec scroll changed only 1 point lol.

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