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    Default Issue In Elite Underhul Map 2 With Boss?

    Yeah, so... my guildies and I were running elite Underhul map 2 and the boss was just healing, and healing,...and healing himself. This might be a bug, because I read that he doesn't heal himself, which means something else does.

    We were killing him and he spawned a mage, and that mage spawned some things that can slow down players and one that can heal our enemies.

    The thing is... after we destroyed the healing totem or whatever. The boss was STILL getting healed, NOTHING else was around. We even reset him and he was STILL healing. This isn't right, there's one thing as difficult, but there's a another thing as an immortal boss bug with infinite healing. Can we get reimbursed for our ankhs?

    I'm not crying or having an attitude, just letting you know if it is a bug.

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    Got it. Incoming fix and bounce. Thank you!
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