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Thread: Pocket Legends: Alterra at War Episode 5: Domination Chapter 3: The Big Wave

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    Default Pocket Legends: Alterra at War Episode 5: Domination Chapter 3: The Big Wave

    Pocket Legends: Alterra at War
    Episode 5: Domination
    Chapter 3: The Big Wave

    Out of the dark tunnel, it was a wounded Rushian soldier, grabbing his bloody shoulder. Surprised, Mikhailov ran to the soldier and questioned him.
    Marcus: “Private?! What are you doing inside the tunnel?! It isn’t safe there!” Mikhailov always supported us. Ever since he joined the Crimson Army, he was always a loyal commander.
    UUSR Soldier: “The Dark Alterrans! I was watching to see if the DA are coming or not! Later, they came! They spotted me and one of archers shot me in the shoulder!”
    UUSR Officer: “Well, how many are there?!”
    UUSR Soldier: “A lot of them! Trolls, goblins, anything from the Dark Alterran Empire! And they’re coming right away!”
    The next thing we knew, there was a small roar coming from the dark tunnel!
    Mikhailov: “You will not fight, comrade. The medic soldiers will heal you.”
    UUSR Soldier: “Yes, sir!”
    A medic soldier followed him to a tent as the rest of us prepared for an another wave of Dark Alterran soldiers. Luckily, front of the gate, there was a small wall of sandbags so we had a little defense. We all prone, armed with bolt action rifles and heavy machine guns. We still had enough ammo, but since there’s going to be a big wave, not enough ammunition to wipe all them out. We waited for them to come. If we die, they’ll die with us. Suddenly, there were black knights, rogue archers, and even huge trolls! All of them charged with their might, bloodthirsty to kill us all!
    Mikhailov: “FIRE!”
    POK! POK! POK! POK! POW! POW! POW! RAT-TAT-TAT-TAT! POW! POW! POW! All the Dark Alterran knights fell to their knees, leaving their blood open from their flesh. As we kept firing, more soldiers kept dying. One of the Rushians shot the knight in the head that the bullet passed through the metal helmet. Suddenly, there was a goblin with explosives in his armor. I quickly shot him and BOOM! The huge explosion killed the DA soldiers nearby. Mikhailov released a guffaw as he kept firing.
    Mikhailov: “Those foolish beasts thought they can kill us by sending a suicide goblin! *laughs* Comrade, the UUSR should’ve ranked you as a general!”
    I said nothing. I just need to focus on wiping all of the DA out. Suddenly, there was a huge rumble that shook the floor. All of us stopped shooting. The next thing I knew, huge waves from the dark tunnel appeared! Marcus was not horrified, but aghast.
    UUSR Officer: “The waves are going to wipe us out!”
    Mikhailov: “Which means that old witch, Silknight, will kill her own soldiers! Comrades, to the gate!”
    All of us ran to the gate and the flames were now small embers. All of us ran upstairs and cheered as they got out of the sewers. Mikhailov, the officers, and I were before them. As I saw the soldiers, the wave crashed into the Dark Alterrans, drowning all of them. Looking front, just about I took an another step, a wounded DA knight grabbed my leg and threw me at the bottom of the sewers.
    Mikhailov: “COMRADE?!” *grabs his revolver and shoots DA knight at the head*
    POW! The fallen DA knight fell to the floor with blood spilt in his helmet. Just about I got up to my knees, a huge wave shoved and covered me like a huge green blanket. Just like I jumped in the River of Peace during the Battle of Forest Haven, my eyes went blurry and a figure dove down the water… Then… darkness…

    To Be Continued...
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