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Thread: Chesspawn's 6m+ Giveaway!

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    Default I want to enter...

    Quote Originally Posted by George Clooney View Post
    Hey guys! I've decided to give out a lot of the stuff I've been hoarding for what seems like forever now! This giveaway is in memory of Proxundayed, a close friend, who just recently quit

    *I will also be giving out 4m [4 million] gold specifically in recognition Proxundayed's recent departure from this game, as I promised him I would organize this in his memory! Make sure you scroll all the way down!


    The Items I will be giving away will be given away on a first come first serve basis unless indicated by a * sign, which means I will hold a raffle for those when the rest are mostly gone!

    ***All you have to do is request one item, and message me on Chesspawn telling me which item it is!***

    Here Are the Sets!
    L60 Strongman Glyph Mace Set! (400k)*
    L55 Mega Mage Wand Set! (Best Regen in the game!)*
    L65 Orlok Chiroptera Set (GAVE!)

    The Twink Items! (Worst-->Best)
    L15 Green Chunker (GAVE)
    L20 Green Paw (GAVE)
    L20 Green Toyman (GAVE)
    L15 Purple Butcher Knife(GAVE)
    L18 PINK forg staff!**

    L10 Purp Head Bracer(GAVE)
    L15 Purp Head Bracer (GAVE)
    L20 Purp Doll (GAVE)
    L15 Pink Cat Shield(GAVE)

    L20 Int Bone Helm
    L20 Int Mantle
    L30 Dex Bone Helm(GAVE)
    L30 Int Mantle(GAVE)]

    I'm also giving away: 4 million gold, 2 nice sets(Strongman Set)(L55 Mega Mage Wand Set); and a L18 Pink Forg Staff!

    Giveaway Participants (Comment down below to be added!) -Specify with your preference of: SM SET, MEGA MAGE SET, OR L18 PINK FSTAFF!You can also message me in game and ask for me to add you!

    Xerbris (none)
    Dumbfound (MM)
    Sheugokin (Fstaff)
    Mommy (Fstaff)
    Yflic (SM)
    Nestlyn (MM)
    Jhesus (Fstaff)
    Saitamaa (MM)
    SurfingBear (Fstaff)
    Arbiterking (SM)
    BongVIP (Fstaff)
    Drout (SM)
    Timelife (Fstaff)
    Itemsold (MM)
    Lonearcherr (SM)
    Tomuto (MM)
    Disputing (MM)
    Kaleab (Fstaff)
    Glyde[...]ee (SM)
    Desiigners (Fstaff)
    Daughters (SM)
    Xedox (SM)
    Titan (MM)
    Armourslash (none)
    Doxable (none)
    Sebbyc (MM)
    Schleider (MM)
    Zylum (SM)
    There will be 8 winners of 500k each for the gold! Anyone who posts on the thread is automatically registered, and you can also message me in game to join!

    Gold Giveaway Participants
    All the people above! Now look below for free items!

    FREE! Just Message Chesspawn in game and ask for one!

    Assorted Pinks/Elites!
    L60 int Bone Helm
    L80 Elite Plasma Battlesword
    L80 Elite Cyber Staffx2(GAVE)
    L76 Elite Smoldering Boulder
    L73 Beastly Encrusted Dragonspine
    L56 Charmin' Baton
    L50 Glow Stick of Shadows(GAVE)
    L50 Keeper's Armor of Shadows (GAVE)
    L35 Sniper's Blunderbuss
    L33 Zombie's Fishing Pole(GAVE)
    L30 Dex Snowbird Wing
    L25 Crystalline Wand
    L25 Dex Crystal armor
    L20 Int Bone Helm
    L20 Int Mantle
    L30 Dex Bone Helm(GAVE)
    i want to enter for the 4 mil

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    Darn guys check the date! Leave a comment if you'd like another one, and i can try to buy some stuff to giveaway like this!

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    another! i'll kick in 2m for the pot

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    im interested in sm set and or the 4m ign:Holoblast, Ysoharry
    IGN - Holoblast, Holomagic, Holotank, Imabully, Irharry, Waoneverdie, Ysoharry.

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    Nerx 10 posts wopsy

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