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    Quote Originally Posted by Ardbeg View Post
    So i started the quest today after i got my hands on the missing belt.
    (I have the rogue version and happily trade it for the warrior one).

    This is the first task from Rasser after defeating Elite Gearloose:

    As promised, here is the corner where you find the secret lab (walk into the wall):

    This happens next:

    Fun facts: your friends can join you in the secret map, even without the quest:

    This clarifies a lot:

    Update: After i acquired the Banished Ring, this is how the quest continues (yes, the fourth item is the helm):

    The quest to charge the Dragon Infused Helm is easy and quickly done:

    In fact, there is a daily quest that lets you retry for another type of the helm (without adding new materials). The helm is not tradable for a reason, but everyone who is unhappy with the armor type he rolled, can get the best helm to complement it. Since i have dex and crit on my armor as secondary stats, i go for the Helm of Iron Will with damage and int. This leaves me with a perfect mix of stats. Great design!

    Now to the new stuff: The last piece, the pendant seems to be in another dimension. This makes looting it a bit of a hazzle:

    - to be continued (hopefully, lol) -

    Banished Items acquired so far (4/5)

    This one is lootable from Elite Golden Heretic Chests or Elite Traders Market:

    This is craftable from your crafting menu even if you don't have the quest, provided you have the proper ingredients (4 versions available):

    I got the Rogue ring:
    Update: I have the Warrior Ring now, yay!

    and this helm:
    (in fact i have three types of the helm now, since the quest is repeating)

    We did it! Big Thanks to Ava, Illwilly and Soulazy for the runs! and of course countless other friends who joined us.

    This is what the portal looks like:

    and this is the amulet:

    Happy end! Confetti!

    Wait, here are the end credits, hehe!

    Spot the *shifty eyes* part here:

    Do we need antignome set, once we defeat elite gearloose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebebaarave View Post
    Do we need antignome set, once we defeat elite gearloose?

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    You will no longer need the antignome set after defeating elite jadis gearloose.

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