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    Default My Finished Feedback

    As I have now finished all quests and have run through all areas numerous times- here is my feedback- WhooHooo! Secondly, I am using a Motorola Defy which has about 1/2 gig processor, not a major gaming device by any means but no slouch either. The game ran perfectly fine with no gliches-was smooth fast consistent(with +/- lag) did get a little more laggy when a boss summoned minions but nothn I couldn't handle. Overall gameplay was fantastic- i had a smooth transition from PL (except the confirm sales window ) I had an easy enough time finding my way around after about 1/2 hr. Great weapon designs and variety so far- Same with costumes- love the features such as modifiers and back armor- The Space age feel is there and a welcome addition to an already great big brother PL- The only thing I had a problem with was the skill map, as I did eventually get used to it, I still think it would be better for all skills to be displayed at once. I see a great future in Star Legends- Congrats to everyone at Spacetime Studios- Well Done!!! 5/5 stars

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    Great! We're working on improving the new player experience so it won't take 30 minutes to get comfy. =)

    Glad you're enjoying the game.


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