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    Default Meet the Spacetime Studios Team!

    If you want to get the definitive word about anything Spacetime related, you'll want to find posts made by the Development and Community Teams. There are a couple easy ways to do this.

    Staff Member Tracker Icons

    You can use the Staff Member Tracker Icons, like the one you see above, to see which threads have Staff Member posts in them. Click on the icon to go to the first Staff Member post in the thread.

    Once you are inside the thread, keep clicking on the Staff Member Tracker Icon to go to the next Staff Member post.

    Read an Individual Staff Member's Posts:

    If you want to keep up with what a particular Staff Member is posting about, it's easy. Just check their post history!

    Wondering who's a staff member? Just click on anyone who has a green, red or orange name!

    How do we contact you?

    Depending on the type of question, there are a few options. For in game issues, problems with your in game account and player reports, please contact our support team. For game feedback, we encourage you to direct your posts to the dev team directly (red names). For general forum/social media related inquires, direct them to the community team!

    Support Team


    See this page for using our support portal and getting your case number:

    Dev Team

    Justg (IGN: Justg)
    Games: PL, SL, DL, AL


    Forum posts via Spacetime Studios forums -
    Private Message via Spacetime Studios forums -

    Community Team

    (IGN: Seoratrek)
    Games: PL, SL, DL, AL


    Private Message via Spacetime Studios forums -
    Private Message via PL, SL, DL, AL BD, BC and AB Facebook pages
    Email: attn: Seoratrek

    What about in game?

    You will know it is one of us if you see a green, pink or red name! Feel free to add anyone on the Community Team as a friend!
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    Need help? Please visit our Support Website at

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