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    I do not know about you guys but I would do plat offers, and then I would buy the '7 days xp elix' (cost 60 of plat) and if you can not get plat, buy xp 30m ( IN AUC), do all the missions without collecting them, and when you have them All complete open the xp of 30m and Complete them ( with xp 30m elix), will have them as 25m more, use it in graveyard or elite underhul. I hope it works for you guys!

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    thz for this info,i was needing it hehe

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    Default plus % XP

    My 2 cents regarding XP farm:
    If you have XP gain (pet, awakening, etc.) it COUNTS when you finish quests and you can get +% XP, so if one have
    +2% XP with one (weak) amulet,
    +3% XP with one fairly decent ring,
    +5% XP with one (not the top) weapon,
    +10% due to Abadon (hatched and activated OR slotted in happiness slot of a host pet).

    Thats cumulative +20%, so instead of 600 XP (one of Shuyal), one will get 720XP.

    AND if you are lucky enough, you can get +%XP from Shazbot (or alone or as a super combo).

    With these plus %, you can get a bit more...

    It could be funny if I could activate egg ring +20% XP ;-) ... likely this could count also...
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