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Thread: Who Are You? (finished)

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    Default Who Are You? (finished)

    In the outskirts of towne lived a dragon-fox, Lightfire, she had a brother named mightfire who annoyed her, they lived on a cave and ate fish that they captured from a nearby lake. One day greedy Humanian slavers invested in finding the rumored dragon, to sell as a slave.

    This specimen will be worth a fortune! Said one of the slavers
    Hush, the beast will hear us! Said the captain of the slavers

    Without a warning the group of slavers threw a net at lightfire’s brother, mightfire, since mightfire was just a hatchling he had no defense. Luckily for him Lightfire burnt the slavers using her breath.

    Thanks sis, said Mightfire
    Are you alright? Asked Lightfire
    Yeah, I’m alright, replied Mightfire

    The Siblings went back into their cave. Lightfire read stories of dragons in Alterran Folktales, and proceeded to catch fish in the lake to dine with her brother.

    Covenhag had nowhere else to go because he hated being near other people alien to him, so he went to the outskirts to live in a hut.

    Weeks later Mightfire was practicing how to capture fish with her sister, he stumpled upon covenhag’s hut, outside the hut he saw avian skulls hanging from the porch, and cobwebs covering the windows, Mightfire opened the door and inside he saw a desk with jars of a sickly green liquid, Herbs, a humanian skull and a mortar and pestle, he then shifted his gaze away from the desk and saw a bookshelf containing books, Mightfire proceeded to take a book from the bookshelf, the book he took was called “ye book of ye herbs and such mystikal properties”, Mightfire put the book back in the shelf and opened the bedroom door, inside it he saw a table as small as a sidetable on it he saw photoframes of familiar Alterrans, and a picture book, he opened the book and saw photos of him and lightfire.
    What is this!? He thought to himself, he quickly shut the book, he then shifted his gaze upon the witch covenhag’s bed he then saw a journal, he took it and quickly browsed through the pages and saw a newly written page.

    “Dear Diary,
    Today I have continued my search upon the meadows a herb of my curiosity, though the herb has not grown yet I have extracted its juices and will be using it upon my workings, anyways, today I have obtained more images of Lightfire and will be placing them upon my picture book. I’ve been feeling very empty today as if something were missing, perhaps a quick visit unto the lake shall end my ire.
    Sincerely yours, Covenhag.”

    Mightfire then thought of his sister, he shut the journal quickly and placed it upon the bed, he ran quickly to where Lightfire was.

    Lightfire! Where are you!? Shouted Mightfire
    I’m right here why? Asked Lightfire
    Phew, I thought you were a goner, said Mightfire
    What makes you say that? Asked Lightfire
    Oh, Um… I-I umm… stuttered Mightfire
    Spit it out, said Lightfire
    I stumbled upon a hut and a diary that said a stranger was going to be here, said Mightfire
    You did? Hm... We best be going then! Said Lightfire

    Meanwhile at the Lake, Covenhag was carrying a bag of Lightfire’s items back into his home, Covenhag set the items unto the table, with a sigh Covenhag went to his bedroom with a book and studied Magicks.

    The following morning Lightfire went about searching for the hut her brother told her about, although creeped out by the avian skulls her bravery overcame her fear, she went inside the hut and sensed dark forces at work, she checked the bookshelf and saw books on foul arts. She went to the bedroom of covenhag, looked at the picture book and saw that these images were when she was attending schooling from one of balefort castle’s guild castles, She put the picture back into place and went to her den.

    This stranger is no stranger it’s one of my classmates… Said Lightfire
    Really? Why don’t you speak to him then? Asked Mightfire
    But, I don’t know anyone who practiced that type of magic in our class, said Lightfire
    Maybe they’re a stalker? Said Mightfire
    I’m going to have to investigate Said Lightfire

    The next morning Lightfire went to search for the hut, she found it and was nervous because of the avian skulls, but Lightfire was brave, she went inside and saw the table, this person is an herbalist, who could’ve been like this in my class… Lightfire thought to herself, she then went further inside the hut and looked at the journal her brother was talking about, she looked in it but there were only photos of her and other people in group photos were cut out, what a wierdo, Lightfire thought, Lightfire then went outside and flew to her den, she remembered that she also had a photo album, she scanned through the pages, she saw familiar faces but she wasn’t given a clue to who was stalking her. Meanwhile, Covenhag was back at the hut, Reading again.

    Later that night, Lightfire went to see the hut again, covenhag was still inside, she peeked through the window and saw Covenhag looking through an orb, she looked closer and saw that the orb was playing memories of her in the classroom, Lightfire was suspicious of Covenhag, she decided to knock on the door, but no one answered, Lightfire went back to her den.

    Lightfire spent investigating for weeks, trying to find out who the stranger Covenhag was, Lightfire’s brother Mightfire was starting to learn how to breath fire and defend himself, Lightfire was assured that Mightfire would be survive the harshness of Alterra, Meanwhile in the townes, the towne crier spreads news of The Elf Queen’s scandal, that she was actually Silknight.

    Wanted Posters of Silknight the Sorceress appeared everywhere in Alterra, even in the outskirts of the townes, Lightfire was interested in hunting down the evil witch Silknight and she knew who to confront, Covenhag is like Silknight, taking Covenhag would give the Alterran guards answers Lightfire thought, Lightfire then decided to capture covenhag, she remembered an recipe taught to her by the Alterran mage-hunter forces, Vervain, St. John’s wort and Dill would hinder the ability of any malevolent witch. She looked around the meadow, but found none, perhaps Covenhag knew of the recipe and didn’t want anyone to create such a recipe, so maybe he took the herbs and trashed them, Lightfiiirree thought, so she ventured away from the Balefort outskirts to mount Fang, where many inquisitions were said to happen, she bought the herbs from the vendor at the towne.

    She returned to her Den and mixed the herbs, she then ventured to Covenhag’s home, when she finally reached her destination she found that covenhag was gone, she searched around the area but to no avail, Covenhag must’ve knew that I’d been away, Lightfire thought, but before she knew covenhag was there in front of her.

    There you are! Said Lightfire

    Lightfire then threw the anti-witch powder at Covenhag, Covenhag collapsed into the ground, twitching.
    The Witch-powder was a very powerful grounding agent against witches, it would silence them rendering them unable to cast any verbal spells, and making theme paralyzed rendering them unable to do any movement based magic as well.

    You’re coming with me, Said Lightfire

    Lightfire then dragged Covenhag to Balefort castle and gave him to the guards.

    The witch of the outskirts, How did you find him? Asked one of the guards
    Using the anti-witch powder, replied Lightfire
    Take care while using it, the powder isn’t safe for any magic folk, including mythical creatures such as yourself, Lightfire, warned the Guard
    Don’t worry about me, it’s you who should be worrying, replied Lightfire
    Take this powder, that witch is more advanced than any femme fieran recruit, offered Lightfire
    Thanks, replied the Guard

    Lightfire headed back to her den, only to hear a loud explosion. Lightfire’s witch powder didn’t last long
    Enough to capture Covenhag. Lightfire dashed back to the towne only to see Covenhag terrorizing it’s

    Who are you? Asked Lightfire
    You don’t know me, replied Covenhag

    Covenhag prepared to strike down lightfire, and Lightfire prepared to soar above the skies to crash on the witch, but something else happened…

    To be continued
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    anyone seen Lightfiiirree?

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    oooh, interesting read! Keep up the good work!

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