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    Default Who Are You? 2

    Covenhag and Lightfire were frozen not in ice, but paralyzed, they could not engage on each other in combat. Out of nowhere the Wise Woman came

    The Space Time Gods have forsaken us! Cried out the Wise Woman
    How can this be? Asked one of the Townefolks
    Do you not the signs!? Replied the Wise Woman
    The Skies have darkened in all Alterra, the seas have turned violent! And the woods, they have been unhallowed and corrupted, Said the Wise Woman
    What ever shall we do? Said one of the Townefolks
    Nothing… even the Elf queen cannot do much without sacrificing lives… replied the Wise Woman
    Why? WHY?! Why have you forsaken us oh great ones, complained the Wise Woman

    Lightfire and Covenhag snapped out of their unmoving state and both fell down to their knees.

    Months passed since the event happened, Alterra’s ecosystems were being corrupted without the guidance of the Space Time Studios Gods, The arenas for battling were abandoned and without joy, the Townes were empty and desolated, Famine and starvation Spread throughout the lands for the Crops have died out and the land barren, and the waters still continued to move violently. It was as if the Space Time Gods themselves Hated Alterra. News spread throughout Arlor of the happening, yet Arlor was not affected by such calamity. No Alterrans could teleport nor travel to other countries for the seas were violent and the magic was being faltered by the corrupted environment.

    Such was the corruption that the Elf Queen herself was also being slightly faltered. Such was the desperation of the people that they sacrificed unwilling Alterrans one after the other, what they thought would bring rain was completed, they waited and saw rain, not of water, but of blood. Blood poured around the entire Alterra, making the Vampires rise and lick the blood from the ground.

    Silknight although suffering as well was oddly glad, for she enjoyed the suffering of others, she even ordered other femme fieran witches to spread destruction and chaos, she sent them to all townes, they brought upon the townes death. Blood spilled in the blood-soaked ground.

    The Elf queen tried to stop the sacrificing of Alterrans and Femme Fieras Attacks, but she arrived before the deeds were finished.

    The Elf queen then went to the temple of Seoratrek, looked up upon the statue of Seotrek, the great, knelt down and said:

    “why oh android bodied Seoratrek have you left the people of Alterra to die? Why have you forsaken us? Why have you cursed my people? What have we done wrong?”

    Seotrek gave no reply, and instead left The Elf Queen with bitter and unmoving silence. The Elf Queen went back to town in silence, and spite.

    For the first time in this era, The Elf Queen was angry, not at the people, not at the Space Time Gods, not the femme fieras, but at herself, she had lacked the ability to protect and guide her own people.

    “without the Space Time Gods what are we? “
    - The Elf Queen

    Covenhag and Lightfire met once again, outside the temple of Seoratrek, in the Arena of Spite

    What are you doing here? You Femme Fieras scum, Asked Lightfire
    I have come to continue what we started, replied Covenhag
    Fine, Will you, Covenhag, face me in this unhallowed arena? Asked Lightfire
    Yes, was Covenhag’s reply

    Lightfire breathed Fire at Covenhag, covenhag was stunned, Lightfire took this opportunity to smack covenhag, Covenhag was thrown across the Arena, due to dragons being very powerful, the Arena was larger than any pvp map, that was the strength of the half-dragons, Covenhag became conscious again and hurled Lightning at Lightfire, Lightfire got electrocuted, but her scales prevented some damage, Covenhag then proceeded to freeze Lightfire in place, it failed Lightfire breathed upon Covenhag’s frostbite before it could land on her, Lightfire then swiftly ran towards covenhag, she held out her sword and slashed covenhag, it was no ordinary sword, Lightfire blessed it using what remained of Seoratrek’s temple oils. She knew that Witches like Covenhag could not be harmed easily using only a normal sword, it made Covenhag bleed, then Covenhag said, “youll pay for that!” Covenhag casted the Witches’ curse upon Lightfire, Lightfire could not hear what covenhag was muttering, but she felt as if she was carrying herself, she tried hard to resist, but she only half-succeeded, She still felt heavy but was able to carry her weight.

    Impressive, remarked Covenhag
    You haven’t seen anything yet, replied Lightfire, smirking

    Covenhag prepared to hurl lightning at Lightfire Again, but somehow Lightfire was able to evade them, mesmerized Covenhag could not move from where he stoof, and Lightfire thrust her blade into Covenhag’s torso, he drived it deep down into Covenhag, blood spilled, out of the blood spawned serpents spawned from where covenhag’s blood spilled.

    What Witchery is this!? Asked Lightfire

    The snakes bit Lightfire’s leg, out of pain Lightfire leapt away, Covenhag healed his stab wounds and was ready to fight again.

    This witch is so, unrelenting, Lightfire thought

    Covenhag vanished into a cloud of smoke and reappeared behind Lightfire, using his clawed hands, clawed Lightfire’s arm, driving his nails deep into her skin, penetrating through the tough scales.

    Lightfire bled, unlike Covenhag she could not heal her wounds, Lightfire quickly stabbed Covenhag before he teleported away, He could feel Covenhag’s annoyance towards her.

    Lightfire then thought of something, she breathed fire upon her sacred blade, it would not burn out for it was protected by the sacred oils.

    Lightfire then went near covenhag and slashed him again, to covenhag’s amazement he could not heal himself for the sacred flaming sword seared his flesh and because of its mark, could not be healed for the moment.

    Lightfire then tried to do the finishing blow towards Covenhag, but before she could reach her Covenhag used frost storm to freeze her in place and casted fire storm to throw her away, Lightfire recovered again.

    Lightfire realized that she could not get near Covenhag without the risk of being stunned, so she flew above the arena and began breathing concentrated fire balls from her mouth, shooting it was like spitting phlegm. Covenhag’s spells could not reach her fast enough to be a steady hit, So she was forced to use the magic shield, little by little Covenhag’s mana was being drained little by little, until there was none left, Lightfire’s fireballs could not kill Covenhag, but it would harm him greatly, she flew back down, and readied herself to finally finish covenhag off, Lightfire swung her sword.

    to be continued...
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    anyone seen Lightfiiirree?

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    Creative story, can't wait for the next part!


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