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Thread: Pocket Legends: Alterra at War Episode 6: Infected Alterra Chapter 3: Uprising

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    Default Pocket Legends: Alterra at War Episode 6: Infected Alterra Chapter 3: Uprising

    Pocket Legends: Alterra at War
    Episode 6: Infected Alterra
    Chapter 3: Uprising

    BOOM! As we cowered behind the armored car, clutching our rifles, Mikhailov bravely shouted to us soldiers.
    Mikhailov: “Comrades! We must take cover over there!” *points at compact fence wall*
    “URAAAH!” As I charged with my rifle with Mikhailov, the rest of the comrades followed us, too. Two soldiers were dragging a heavy machine gun, while one of the comrades carried our crimson banner. Few unfortunate soldiers were killed by the DA archery and artillery. As we crawled like worms to avoid getting hit by Dark Alterran resistance, we finally reached at the wall. Two soldiers that began to operate the machine gun began to fire as bullets drop from the chamber. As we opened fire, Mikhailov quickly grabbed his binoculars and looked at the Alterran Heavenly Kingdom. Quickly, he grabbed two bundles of red dynamite, ready to incinerate any Alterran.
    Mikhailov: “You see those three pillboxes, comrade? We’re going to blow them out.”
    The soldier that was next to me stopped shooting and spoke to Mikhailov. He must’ve overheard us.
    UUSR Soldier: “But, commander! Why not use the artillery guns?”
    Mikhailov: “It’s because we weren’t the first divisions to attack those fascists. Look at our fallen comrades!”
    As the soldier saw the corpses, there was one artillery gun. Behind it, two lifeless soldiers with arrows on their bloody uniforms with an empty shell crate.
    Mikhailov: “We cannot wait too long for the other artillery divisions. If we do, we will end up like them. Do you understand, soldier?”
    The soldier nodded as he continued to fire.
    As Mikhailov handed me a bundle of dynamite, he called to our division.
    Mikhailov: “Comrades, we will blow these bunkers while you mighty soldiers take covering fire!”
    Mikhailov: “GO!”
    As we advanced, arrows and explosions of cannonballs surrounded us as there was huge gunfire behind our backs. As smoke surrounded the capital, red biplanes soared through the city of clouds. As armored cars kept firing and exploding, so did the Alterran Holy Palace. As we finally reached the bunker, the cannon fired from the embrasure. Mikhailov ran to one side, and I went to the other. As Mikhailov lighted the dynamite, he threw into the black embrasure and quickly got up to his feet.
    Mikhailov: “RUN!”
    Far, far as I could. Behind my back, KA-BOOM! A huge red and dark explosion, choked with pieces of stone and rubble. Now, there was nothing left but roaring flames. One down, two to go.
    Mikhailov: “The gunpowder of the dynamite was enchanted by the DA, comrade. If we only used regular explosions, then we would not wiped them out.
    My mouth spoke no words as we advanced to the next bunker. Same thing we did last time, lighted the dynamite, and threw into the embrasure. As we ran, Mikhailov headed to our defense line where there were troops. As we laid on the sandbags, we continued to make our rifles hot like fire. Infantry troops kept firing, while the medic healed our wounded ones. Behind our backs, it seemed there aren’t any reinforcements yet. Only ruined and crumbling buildings wearing coats of flames and heavy dark smoke. Lifeless trees barely wearing a single leaf. Corpses of our fallen comrades and Silknight’s soldiers were everywhere as flies landed on their bloody uniforms.
    Mikhailov: “That was our last of our explosives. We cannot wait any-”
    KA-BOOM! Explosions surrounded us as we took cover to avoid getting blasted. Even the explosions were striking at the Alterran Heavenly Kingdom.
    UUSR Soldier #1:“Ours?!’’
    UUSR Soldier #2: “Must be. Silknight’s artillery supplies are too low!”
    The next thing I knew, one of the artillery shells landed on the bunker. Now it was nothing but a pile of rubble and enraged flames. As we stayed in our positions, armored cars grumbled as they advanced to the Alterran Holy Palace.
    UUSR Soldier #1: “They’re here!”
    The next thing I knew, all of the soldiers grabbed their rifles and ran, roaring for their final victory. More biplanes soared into the sky, ready to bomb the last of Silknight’s defending soldiers. As armored cars kept firing, more troops kept pouring in the capital.
    Mikhailov: “Let us go, comrade! To the Alterran Holy Palace!”
    As we got up with our arms, our courage rose up high in the mountains. Dead or not, we will create Alterran history. As we kept pacing, few soldiers stayed in the demolished bunkers for cover as they kept shooting. POK! POK! POK! POW! RATTA RATTA! Several Dark Alterran soldiers fell as we kept moving. The next thing I knew, an arrow struck through the young soldier that was carrying the banner. Through to his throat, he tried to pull it out but his life became wasted as he fell on the ground. Immediately we stopped.
    UUSR Officer: “There goes our flag carrier!”
    One of the soldiers that carried a pumpkin chunker quickly took a shot at the Dark Alterran archer. After the explosion, we knew that archer no longer existed. Then, the soldier carried the banner as he ran. Mikhailov knelt down and covered the lifeless soldier’s eyes, he took a silent blow from his mouth.
    Mikhailov: “He should be more like you, comrade…”
    UUSR Officer: “We’re just about to die even though when the war is almost over!”
    I took a short stare at the young soldier, and ran off. That was the last time I saw him. As Mikhailov and I passed the demolished bunkers, we took at the ruined marble steps of the Alterran Holy Palace. While the armored cars stayed and kept firing, there was only one artillery gun with only one shell left.
    Mikhailov: *calls to his troops* “Comrades! Take covering fire, while we move it!”
    As we pushed it at the marble stairs, behind us there were more than a hundred troops running upstairs. As DA archers and mages kept resisting, Mikhailov and I still kept pushing the gun. The Dark Alterran Imperial Army was once deadly during the first battle. Now, nothing a pile of worthless trash. As we went higher, the cities became smaller as casualties became larger. The sky became dark red as the sun sank on Alterra. Finally, we passed the rows of marble pillars. In front of us, two huge palace doors.
    Mikhailov: “Comrade, ready?!”
    As I grabbed the shell and inserted it, waiting for his final command. Grabbing the artillery loop that was attached to the gun.
    Mikhailov: “FIRE!”
    Quickly, the artillery loop was yanked. BOOM! A huge explosion appeared at the doors as it smashed into a pile of debris. Soldiers behind us roared as they entered the Alterran Holy Palace with their bloods of discipline. As more Rushians swarmed in, Mikhailov finally ran inside the palace.
    Mikhailov: “This is what you came here for, my comrades! Wipe every last Dark Alterran out! URAH!”

    To Be Continued...
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