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Thread: Pocket Legends: Alterra at War Episode 7: Endgame Chapter 1: Downfall

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    Default Pocket Legends: Alterra at War Episode 7: Endgame Chapter 1: Downfall

    Pocket Legends: Alterra at War
    Episode 7: Endgame
    Chapter 1: Downfall

    Mikhailov: “Our path to victory has succeeded. For many years, our comrades have fallen, but got up to their feet to fight. Our defeats were even necessary. When our flag raises over the Alterran Kingdom, all of Alterra will know that we have wiped out the Dark Alterran Empire from this world…”

    Alterran Holy Palace, Balefort
    Mikhailov: “December 1, 216. The day when the Rushians invaded the Dark Alterran Empire. The day when the Winter Solstice begins. The day we stormed in to exterminate the last remains of Silknight. When we raise the flag over the Alterran Holy Palace, the war will be over…”
    Nighttime. Everywhere was dark, but only a few lights remained. Several soldiers equipped with rifles and double-barreled shotguns. Few of them were officers armed with revolvers. Everywhere was ruined. Demolished by artillery, blackened by huge flames, and by the bloody thugs of the dark sorceress, Silknight. We were inside the entrance hall crouching with our weapons, waiting for a new command. Suddenly, the officers rose and saluted to the commander that was coming from the doorway. The commander I knew ever since the beginning of the Alterran Civil War. As Mikhailov appeared, so did more divisions of infantry and officers.
    Mikhailov: “Comrades, I have special announcements! The fascist witch, Silknight, has committed suicide since her generals had betrayed her!”
    Roaring with victory and valor, the Rushians took their arms and waved on the marble ceiling of the Alterran Holy Palace. Without a single command, they began attaching bayonets and ammunition. Ready to exterminate the last of Dark Alterra’s remains.
    All UUSR Soldiers: “URAAAH!!!”
    As we charged with Mikhailov, on top of a small wooden tower, an officer carrying a bullhorn roars as more soldiers began to move out.
    UUSR Officer: “Comrades of the Crimson Army, Comrade Dragunov, has commanded you to do one final objective. Exterminate the last of Silknight’s elite guards! When we raise our national flag, this war will be OVER!”
    The officer’s final words echoed as we kept moving. As we ran, there was a huge rumbling that shook the marble walls of the Alterran Holy Palace.
    UUSR Officer: “Commander, our artillery is smashing the Elf Queen’s palace!”
    Mikhailov: “Good! Such shells can even smash the last of Silknight’s remains!”
    Near the fighting, more gunshots were heard as they became louder. Left and right, as we finally reached to the stairway entrance, filled with ruined DA banners and rubble. On top of the stairway, lies with the few remains of the elite guards. As we moved without noticing them, several arrows exterminated our comrades without a single miss.
    Mikhailov: “TAKE COVER! Silknight’s elite soldiers are highly trained than any weakling of the Imperial Army!”
    As we scrambled around to take cover from the fire, I stayed behind a ruined pillar, while I saw Mikhailov heading toward to me. The marble floor was almost covered with bricks and blasted wood, as the resistance grew stronger.
    Mikhailov: “Comrade! The enemy is too far away. You'll need a sniper rifle! *hands me scoped rifle*
    I quickly took his offer and looked right into the scope of one of the elite guards. Black knights with red eyes covered in special looking armor armed with elite bows.
    Mikhailov: *gives me a handful of bullets* “On my command. Ready? NOW!”
    POW! The bullet drilled into one of the elite guard’s head as he quickly dropped. Click-clack! Four more bullets left. Four elite guards to be vanished. POW!
    UUSR Soldier #1: “The guards are too powerful! We could be easily wiped out!”
    UUSR Soldier #2: “I don’t want to die!”
    Mikhailov: “Which option is better? Die trying, or surrender like little children?! It is your decision!”
    I didn’t spat a single word while sniping down the elite guards. As I kept shooting, more and more elite guards began to disappear. But I knew more Dark Alterran elite guards kept coming to keep up their resistance. Few infantrymen tried to throw molotovs so the guards to burn to death. As we kept firing, I noticed two soldiers pushing a heavy machine gun, attached with ammunition. The next thing I knew, the barrel of the gun began to spit handfull of bullets.
    Mikhailov: “Machine gun! Cease fire! Cease fire!”
    RAT-TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT! Several elite guards fell as they couldn’t shoot with their elite bows anymore. After a huge minute of firing, the ground was now a carpet of bullets. As we couldn’t see the guards on the stairway, Mikhailov jumped over a ruined couch, and held up his revolver.
    Mikhailov: “To the throne room! Destroy what remains of the Dark Alterran Empire!”
    Three marble stairways appeared in our faces as we climbed up that was covered with blood and sandbags. On top, there was nothing but corpses of elite guards. There were so many of them. They would have surrendered to lower down the casualties of our comrades, but I guess they swore their blood to die for Silknight. As we kept moving to the hallway that lead to the throne room, Mikhailov was in front of the battling troops. After a few small stairs that we passed them, there were two doors. We stopped at our boots. Nothing but covered with silver chains and locks.
    Mikhailov: “Comrades, any explosives?”
    Not one of us spoke a word. Suddenly, a small artillery gun appeared as it kept getting larger every second. Looking at the gun, we quickly charged at it. Artillery troops. Mikhailov heavily depended on them.
    UUSR Soldier #1: “Commander Mikhailov! *salutes*
    UUSR Soldier #2: “The elite guards will not last for long without Comrade Dragunov’s artillery! *releases toothy grin*
    As the whole soldiers marched behind the gun, the artillery troops inserted the shell in the gun.
    Mikhailov: “Ready?” *grabs cord*
    BOOM! The chained doors blasted into pieces as the infantry troops roared.
    Quickly, the artillery soldiers pushed the gun toward for cover, while the infantry charged to the throne room.
    A large room, filled with tattered Dark Alterran banners with the colors of red, black, and white. On the marble floor, it was now nothing but filled with cracks, blood, and bricks made from marble. The Elf Queen’s golden throne was now replaced with Silknight’s dark throne, which is now standing there, guarded by huge numbers of her elite guards. As the Rushians began to spread out behind the pillars and the small fort of sandbags, gunshots began to start.
    Mikhailov: “Comrades, move to the upper floor! We shall shoot below at the elite guards!”
    As ten of us marched to the upper floor, we saw the elite guards below, about dozens of them. Without hesitation, I aimed in the scope at one of the elite guards that were near to the dark throne. Steady… POW! The elite guard collapsed to the ground. Again! POW! The elite guards ignored us since they were too busy resisting the Rushians that were on the bottom level. As gunshots rang into my ears, Mikhailov kept reloading his revolver while placing six rounds in. Suddenly, one of the elite guards spotted me and spoke to his comrade. The next thing I knew, the arrows almost landed on my face. The majority of the arrows were stuck to the marble pillars, while few of them made the Rushians fall to the ground lifelessly.
    UUSR Soldier: “Commander, enemy reinforcements at 9 o'clock!”
    UUSR Officer: “Don’t let them come near us!”
    Quickly, I stopped shooting below and started to aim one of the reinforcing troops.
    Mikhailov: “Don’t stop, comrade! Keep shooting below while I take covering fire!”
    As he fired with his revolver, I looked into the scope again. Black knights with black swords and bows, armored mages with skull masks, and the throne of the sorceress, Silknight. Now, there were even less enemy troops even though I received few kills. As I looked at Mikhailov and his soldiers, they were busy firing at the elite troops that were on the upper floor.
    UUSR Officer: “Commander, our reinforcements are arriving in about half an hour! We don’t have enough time!”
    Mikhailov: “That doesn’t matter! If they arrive late and we lie dead already, so will they!”
    Quickly, the crosshair landed at the elite guard that was on the balcony. POW! As he collapsed, so did the other guard. As I pulled and pushed the bolt knob, a single bullet fell at the cold, marble floor. More Rushian and Dark Alterran soldiers kept dying, while bullets and arrows run to each other. Now, there were no more guards arriving at the balcony. Our heavy fighting passed away like a sandstorm. Now, the whole throne room was nothing but elite guards lying everywhere.
    Mikhailov: “Downstairs, my comrades! Move our dead away from the Alterran Holy Palace!”
    A whole group of soldiers ran down the marble stairs as I followed Mikhailov. At the bottom floor, medic soldiers arrived and began pulling the bodies away from the throne room. While I saw this, I noticed Mikhailov offering me a pumpkin chunker. As I placed the scoped rifle at the corner, I equipped the orange crossbow, armed with one pumpkin explosive. As I went forward at the throne room, I aimed at Silknight’s throne. PING! KA-BOOM! The throne was now into pieces of stone, ember, and dust. The next thing I knew, the infantrymen roared while few officers wasted their rounds into the air.
    UUSR Soldier: “Now how will Silknight reclaim her throne again?!” *shouts*
    UUSR Officer: “Three rounds for my dead wife and my two sons!” *fires three rounds*
    Now, they began charging at the stairs that lead to the rooftops. Ready to face their final obstacle.
    Mikhailov: “Silknight’s chair will now represent the downfall of the Dark Alterran Empire…”
    As he began running towards the stairs, I followed him too. Grabbing my scope rifle from the corner. As we passed the bodies of dead soldiers and the remains of the throne, our dark boots began stomping on the ruined marble stairs. While we kept marching in the hallway that lead to the rooftops, there was a small roar of soldiers behind us.
    Mikhailov: “The few other divisions will now stay here celebrating their victory, comrades My division will keep fighting and will do one final objection. Raising the flag all over Alterra!”
    All UUSR Soldiers: “URAH!”
    We’ve passed every tattered DA banners, every room, and every battle we’ve fought over the past few years. Up the small steps of stairs we went, I noticed something at the broken windows. We have battled all night without a sleep and now, the sun has almost risen. The golden shines that will push forward to victory.
    UUSR Officer: “We are near to the rooftops. Look how far we’ve come!”
    As we kept running, two doors appeared opened as to welcome us in our final battle. As we passed the doors, there was a huge group of soldiers and officers in front of us. One soldier was carrying our banner.
    UUSR Officer #1: *salutes* “Commander Mikhailov, we are ready to demolish Silknight’s worthless soldiers!”
    UUSR Officer #2: “Yes, commander! Once we’ve finished them, we will fly over the Elf Queen’s capital!”
    Mikhailov: “After all these years, those fascists thought they could take over Alterra. Now, not even a portion shall we give them for mercy!”
    He took a few marble steps that lead to the rooftops, beginning his short speech.
    Mikhailov: “Soldiers of the Crimson Army, it my honor to bring all of you to fight for the glory of the UUSR! At this day, we will raise our flag over the capital of Alterra once we eliminate those dirty vermins of the Dark Alterran Empire! As we promised to bring new peace for the Elf Queen, we will be honored as warriors of Alterra! Ready as I have trained you, my comrades!”
    Most of us grabbed our bayonets while few of them reloaded their weapons. This was our final blood for this battle.
    Mikhailov: “медведи мира, объединяйтесь!”
    All: “URAAAH!!!”

    To Be Continued...
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