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Thread: Launching nice little charming Physics Based Android game BallPG - 3D ball playing

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    Red face Launching nice little charming Physics Based Android game BallPG - 3D ball playing

    Played RPG enough? Time to play Ball playing game for a bit, kinda :P

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    As said in the title, Launched the Alpha version, single APK [data included on apk, no extra data file] Download the file, Long press - tap on install, read permissions and install. Make sure you've enabled Unknown sources from security settings, if you don't want to enable this setting, you have to wait for it's arrival on Google Play Store. For now the game is here -

    And preparing to launch close beta soon on Google play store and after that FREE launch on Play store, so for now it comes with 1$ (or more as per your choice) to support the development, it has only one level and in Alpha version but charming and challenging and should be addicting too & will get new level cap updates along with improvement on existing levels.

    + Incredible physics of Unreal Engine 4 behind the game.
    + Not much learning curve, similar to real life experience with a ball.
    + Simple & nice user interface & controls
    + One tap instant load (takes no time)
    + One tap instant save at anywhere (30sec gap to prevent spamming)
    + On going development and level adding.
    + Ur Suggestions are valuable and may be implemented.

    Don't expect it to be buggy TBH because I've tested this game on my android phone and its flawless and smooth (although may have small bugs here n there) same time user interface is clean and nice and my phone ain't high end but has nice spec - 1.5GHz dual core, 2GB ram, Android V5.1, I'd NOT recommend to download IT, if ur phone running below android 4.4.

    The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 latest version & it's incredible physics engine behind, the main USP is, you gonna have similar to real life experience with the ball only other than the fact that you're controlling the ball without touching huh. Controls r pretty simple, joystick to move around and 'anywhere tap on screen' to jump (ball should be in contact with ground/another solid object)

    When you purchase the game, you'll have access to all newer versions for free with the beta key on Google play store close beta session, although the game itself will be totally free at final launch on play store [will contain ads] after undefined time though, hehe.

    For more information, controls and discussion topics and reply you may visit -

    Or Post ur feed back below
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