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Thread: Old Town Hospital Secrets : Patient Zero and Weapons Shop

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    Default Old Town Hospital Secrets : Patient Zero and Weapons Shop

    When you enter the Old Town Hospital, you first have to kill enough ordinary ennemies.

    If there are other players, this may already be done.

    Once enough ordinary ennemies have been killed, minibosses appear alternatively in one of the 3 rooms at the top of the area :

    Name:  h 01 3 rooms.jpg
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    These minibosses have several names :

    Name:  h 06 Nurse Feng.jpg
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    Name:  h 07 Dr Barnes.jpg
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    Name:  h 11 Dr Wood.jpg
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    Name:  h 12 Nurse Gomei.jpg
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    Name:  h 03 Nurse Cail.jpg
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    Name:  h 02 Dr Bradley.jpg
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    Name:  h 05 Dr King.jpg
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    Name:  h 04 Dr Gattis.jpg
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    You first have to kill the minibosses located in the left and right rooms, then a miniboss appears in the third room at the top center.

    When you have killed this miniboss, the keyphrase appears : "Search for Patient Zero ..."

    Name:  h 50 Search.jpg
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    At these point, Patient Zero has a chance to appear.

    But after 1 minute or 2, there is a message saying that a doctor is back :

    Name:  h 53 Dr Summer is back.jpg
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    So you have to fight a new miniboss appearing in the third room :

    Name:  h 13 Doctor Summer.jpg
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    After having defeated him, the keyphrase appears again : "Search for Patient Zero ..."

    Name:  h 55 Search.jpg
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    And for 1 or 2 minutes, you have another chance to find Patient Zero, just walking around.

    When a message appears that a doctor in back, just fight him to have another chance. The left and right rooms have no more importance, only the third room located in the center is important : in this room new minibosses appear every few minutes, and when you kill them, the keyphrase appears "Search for Patient Zero ..." .

    So you have to alternatively walk around and kill the miniboss who unlocks the keyphrase.

    Whith this method, you'll find Patient Zero in less than 1 hour :

    Name:  h 60.jpg
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    Name:  h 61.jpg
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    He is much weaker now than he used to be at the beginning. He's approximately as strong as other minibosses.

    If you meet him, call other players in the area so they have a chance to get a nice drop.

    He usually drops 10 or 15 energy bonus, and there is probably a chance to get other rare items.

    When you beat him, you'll get the Patient Zero achievement :

    Name:  h 62.jpg
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    Name:  h 63.jpg
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    Note that the first time the keyphrase "Search for Patient Zero ..." appears, this also unlocks a secret weapons shop, located at the center of the area :

    Name:  h 95 shop.jpg
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    Name:  h 96 shop.jpg
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    Name:  h 97 shop.jpg
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    Name:  h 98 shop.jpg
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    Bahahaha the names of the minibosses!!!! Lolololol

    Star light, star bright...

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    nice step by step execution to hunt patient zero..thanks for the info

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    Nice guide. Thank you!

    DL IGNs: doomdoom, doomdoomdoom, littledoom, tinydoom
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    Great job!

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    Nice job on the guide and thank you

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    Here is a little update.

    Ordinary ennemies in the hospital can drop several legendary items :

    Feeders of Undying (max level 40) :

    Name:  Feeders of Undying.jpg
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Size:  232.7 KB

    Midnight Twins of Execution (max level 40) :

    Name:  Midnight Twins of Execution.jpg
Views: 1251
Size:  230.3 KB

    Mincers (max level 40) :

    Name:  Mincers.jpg
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Size:  183.0 KB

    Shadowgem of Execution (max level 40) :

    Name:  Shadowgem of Execution.jpg
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Size:  204.0 KB

    If you farm for an hour maximum, you'll probably get one of this legendary items.

    Some players say zombies can drop Kriegberg Stone of Execution, but I haven't got one this way so far, so I can't confirm.
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    Nurse Gomei
    Dr King
    Nurse Feng
    Dr Wood
    Dr Bradley
    Nurse Cail

    I don't know who these are

    Others I do know

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    wait so does patient zero spawn in that middle room or near it or can he spawn anywhere on the map once "search for patient zero" pops up?

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