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Thread: Pocket Legends: Alterra at War Episode 7: Endgame Chapter 2: Final Blood

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    Default Pocket Legends: Alterra at War Episode 7: Endgame Chapter 2: Final Blood

    Pocket Legends: Alterra at War
    Episode 7: Endgame
    Chapter 2: Final Blood

    Time suddenly went slow as a tortoise to the finishing line. Mikhailov ran up the stairs and as he met the light, he started pulling the trigger of his revolver. POW! POW! POW! As I ran up the stairs, he ran to the small fort of sandbags to the left while I ran to the right for cover. The ones that were following me had met their death. Arrows sank one of the soldier’s uniform and collapsed.
    Mikhailov: “Comrades, take cover, NOW!”
    As I took a quick look at the rooftops, there was a long dry rectangular shallow pit that was once a decorative pool. Both of the farther sides had an outside hallway that was decorated with DA banners. There were also long rows of marble chairs that were covered by sandbags. As I looked back, the majority of us were being shot down by Silknight’s archers. Certified to do our final task, I grabbed my scoped rifle and aimed at one of the archers. POW! After I hit one of the archers, I aimed at the next one.
    Mikhailov: “Any moment they should be here, soon… Right now, take out those remaining Dark Alterrans!”
    Bright immediate flashes appeared everywhere and they were heard all around of Alterra like oil being fried in a black pan. As I saw the sun that was climbing up the sky, I knew we were near to victory. This also meant that the reign of the Dark Alterran Empire has come to an end. Just about I was going to aim at the elite archer, I looked at the fireball heading towards to me. KA-BOOM! The world went immediately black, but I felt the sound of the explosion that was near. Even a rain of marble pieces surrounded my bloody uniform that I wore four years ago. The next thing I knew, I felt my back slamming into the marble floor. Thinking that my backbone broke into pieces from the impact, I remained silent.
    Mikhailov: “...?!...!!!”
    UUSR Officer: “...!.....!!!”
    The voices that I heard was covered like an object in a blanket and when my eyes opened, a blurry image covered me. A figure that was dragging me, while I saw multiple figures grabbing their own brown objects. Few of them were on the floor without moving a muscle. Everything was still blurry, until a figure named Mikhailov offered me a small bottle of blue liquid.
    Mikhailov: “Comrade, drink this!”
    I gave a look at the bottle, filled with strange blue liquid. As I opened the cork, the liquid fell into my mouth. After a bitter taste, I released a heavy cough.
    Mikhailov: “Mana potion. When we inspected the Femme Fieras, all we found is a small potion for each soldier. This only gives your strength back if you are not an enchantress.”
    After I got my rifle back from him, I heard an another loud explosion that was nearby that was not our artillery. Then next.
    Mikhailov: “Don’t shoot yet! They’re using their elite mages for defense. We’ll have to wait until their energy runs out!”
    Few explosions remained and then, no more. The remaining of Mikhailov’s group cowered behind the wall of chairs. On the left side, only two of stayed behind. On the right side, Mikhailov’s remaining officers and soldiers spoke no words. Suddenly, we heard a small voice from the officer I knew. He was the one that always had his military telephone when we fought in our biplanes. After the civil war, I later discovered that he fought on ground with the armored cars.
    UUSR Officer: *whispering* “Commander, they’re not shooting anymore…”
    Mikhailov: “The elite guards thought our first wave was completely eliminated, but they are fools.”
    UUSR Officer: “Commander, I’ve called the other officers to stop coming to the roof. We must wait until something happens!”
    Our whole group remained silent, ready to make an another move. The next thing I knew, their explosions returned. The howling came first, then the explosives.
    UUSR Soldier #1: “GET DOWN!”
    UUSR Soldier #3: “AIEEE!”
    KA-BOOM! BAM! BOOM! BOOM! BAM! BAM! BAM! KA-BOOM! As we shuttled our eyes while clutching our rifles, more explosions rang our ears. The next few minutes, no more. Suddenly, a crackled voice came from the telephone.
    UUSR Rocket Artillery Officer: “Comrades, anything fine? We thought you needed some help, so our own commander commanded us to deliver our rockets at the Alterran Holy Palace. We’re outside of the Capital!”
    UUSR Officer: “Yes! We’re okay. Bring your troops inside immediately!” *slams handle into telephone*
    Suddenly, I heard roaring noises outside from inside. As new soldiers jumped over our comrades' bodies, Mikhailov got up to his feet.
    Mikhailov: “Comrades, up to your feet! Let our flag of Rushia fly over the city!”
    UUSR Soldier #1: “That was our explosives?! Phew!”
    UUSR Soldier #2: “Sounds like Comrade Dragunov didn’t abandoned us after all.”
    UUSR Soldier #3: “Who cares about that? Let’s just end this horrible war!”
    As we got up, our group marched until we were near to the national flag of Dark Alterra. Behind a crowd of soldiers, Mikhailov and I were in the front.
    The officer gave the flag to him, and then offering me to take it.
    Mikhailov: “Take our flag, comrade. Raise our mighty banner to declare yourself as a true hero!”
    Filled with pride, I accepted his offer. Now, by myself, I began taking my step to the flagpole.
    Mikhailov: *commands* “Comrades, spread everywhere! One of those beasts might’ve survived our rockets! If they show their single movement, no mercy shall be given for them.”
    After I passed behind the rows while clutching the flag, there was a floor of bloody elite guards. In fact, some of them even lost their body parts after the rocket artillery! Few more yards to complete. I didn’t even think about stabbing them if I saw one of them moving. Finally, there was the flag of Dark Alterra. The colors of red, black, and white. Symbolizing their great terror of their empire.
    Mikhailov: “You alright down there, comrade?”
    As I jumped down at the platform, a black knight with a heavy, black sword lies defeated. Just about I was going to take another step, his red eyes appeared from his helmet and quickly rose from the dead as his boot pushed my chest.
    Mikhailov: “NO!”
    With no weapons, I laid down as my mind was filled with horror and shock. As he raised his blade to end my life, I quickly shut my eyes. Silence. Then, a roar coming from behind. As the darkness faded away, the sun rose up, symbolizing our victory. Just about the knight was going to eradicate me, Mikhailov quickly grabbed his revolver. POW! POW! POW! POW! POW! POW! The knight dropped his blade and covered his armor with a single arm, showing his downfall.
    DA Elite Knight: *howls with pain* “AFTER A LONG REIGN BY THE REDS, WE SHALL RISE FROM THE DEAD.”
    With no mercy, Mikhailov unleashed his sabre and his steel sliced through the knight’s stomach, allowing more blood ready to be dropped.
    Mikhailov: *frowns* “Then be dead, already.”
    SHING! The elite knight finally released his howl of agony as Mikhailov kicked him off the roof, never to be seen again. Now, the platform was nothing but covered with a carpet of fresh blood.
    Mikhailov: “You can make it, my friend. You always survive…”
    Suddenly in my head, the whole world sang our national anthem just like we did after we fought in the city of Balefort.
    Mikhailov had his sabre, as he ran to the flag screaming.
    Mikhailov: “URAH!!!”
    As the tattered banner fell from the flagpole, he quickly grabbed our flag as he helped me to rise.
    Mikhailov: “Go on, comrade. The honor should be yours!”
    As I grabbed the flag, I walked slowly to the empty flagpole, with its roots covered in sandbags. As I placed one leg on the sandbags, Dragunov had gave me my final present. From below, hundreds of Rushian soldiers and few armored vehicles roared with victory. There were even gunshots and their flags waving everywhere in the crowd. Now, I was no longer alone. Finally, a single objective had to be done.
    The red flag was now planted beside the flagpole. As the result, their roars below was way louder than I heard earlier. As I took a few steps back, Mikhailov was wearing a face of pride.
    Mikhailov: “As long as you live, the heart of the Crimson Army can never be broken...”
    Mikhailov was now looking at our banner with pride and victory as he raised his bloody sabre, with blood dripping at the pointy edge.
    Mikhailov: “Things will change, my friend. As heroes we will return to Dragunov’s embrace…”
    Confused with all the civil war and our victory, my legs abandoned me as the bright world was now flooded with a shade of black….

    To Be Continued...
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