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Thread: Pocket Legends: Alterra at War Episode 7: Endgame Chapter 3: The War Is Over

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    Default Pocket Legends: Alterra at War Episode 7: Endgame Chapter 3: The War Is Over

    Pocket Legends: Alterra at War
    Episode 7: Endgame
    Chapter 3: The War Is Over

    Elf Queen: “My Alterran generals have informed me that the Dark Alterran Empire had surrendered to the Union of the Ursan Socialist Republics. We may have lost most of my people, but now it is time to move on a new civilization!”

    The Capital, Balefort
    December 30th, 216. The final days of the Winter Solstice. The bright glowing sun was still active while the whole Alterran kingdom was covered in a thick blanket of snow. Alterrans say, it is a miracle. On top of the Alterran Holy Palace where I once raised the red banner, The Alterran generals and nobles sat in the left side where it was decorated with blue banners of crowns. The right side was where the Ursan Communist Party sat with the red banners of stars and swords. Mikhailov and the rest of the other commanders of the Crimson Army stood on the front with their dress uniforms, ready to be awarded as heroes. As a private, I sat in the front seat next to the members of the UCP, which they were impressed of me for acting bravely during the past four years.
    UCP Member: “That's one of your commanders in the front, yes?”
    I replied with a nod and a contact from the member behind. I was dressed with a plain side cap with a dress uniform with only a few medals attached.
    UCP Member: *smiles* “Commander Mikhailov was very loyal to Dragunov before the foundation. He and the others will be be awarded The Red Banner by the time the Elf Queen and Comrade Dragunov returns. The soldiers of the Crimson Army will be titled as veterans of the Alterran Civil War.”
    I nodded again as I looked at Mikhailov, who was flooded with pride and courage.
    UCP Member: “Then, the soldiers of the Crimson Army can all go home.”
    Home. Even though my parents were gone before I was drafted, I always thought about going home. But Mikhailov was my most trusted friend. Should I take an eternal rest, or stay as a protector of Dragunov? My mind kept pondering. The next thing I knew, the sounds from the golden trumpets blared. We all knew what's next.
    Alterran Noble: “The Majesty and the Comrade has arrived!”
    Looking behind, an Alterran knight and the Rushian officer equipped with high flags of red and blue marched as they kicked with a 30 degree of a goose step. Behind the flag bearers, the beautiful Elf dressed in white robes and cape appeared. So did Dragunov, the grizzly Ursan dressed in a dark green trench coat with a huge peaked cap. The leader of the Ursans and the queen of the Elves passed rows of every Alterran race. Ursans, Elves, Avians, Paladins, including the Vixens. The Alterran national anthem had begun as they reached to the top, the two rulers isolated like reading an educational book. Around the commanders like when the Crimson Army surrounded Silknight, they met together and faced our Ursan blooded commanders.
    All UUSR Commanders: “медведи мира, объединяйтесь!” *salutes*
    A response came from Dragunov with a single salute as he waited for the medals to come. All of us were silent, even below the Alterran citizens spoke no words.
    Alterran Noble: “Now each commander shall be awarded with decorations from the Majesty.”
    Without hesitation, an Elven servant carried a board of shiny red The Red Banner medals. Only commanders were allowed to be decorated, including Mikhailov. After decorating all of the Rushian commanders, they saluted to Dragunov without using the motto again and returned where they once sat. That's why the front rows were empty. As Mikhailov took a seat next to me, we rested a little.
    Mikhailov: “When I took a glance at the Elf Queen, her face reminded me of the girls we used to hang out. Ha, good old memories, my comrade.”
    However, this wasn't over yet. As soon the anthem was done, Dragunov waited as the Elven servant returned with only two Rushian/Alterran medals, but I knew what the Rushian medal was.
    Alterran Noble: “Now, the Majesty shall award the one who has saved the Kingdom of Alterra.”
    As soon Dragunov began to speak his words, this was the very first time I have heard his deep voice that rumbled the Alterran grounds.
    Dragunov: “Comrades of the Ursan Communist Party, the one and only soldier of the Crimson Army shall receive our Hero of Rushia and the Elf Queen’s Legend of Alterra!”
    I have never received the Hero of Rushia, but I knew what it was. A legendary order that was only awarded to the ones that have done something important. I knew what I have done, like raising the red flag over Alterra. Even all UCP members have already got one, but not even the greatest generals of the UUSR. Orders symbolize us as classes. Mikhailov and I are in the second class, the Crimson Army. But I can't explain more about Dragunov’s ruling system because of the final episode of this book.
    Dragunov: “This soldier is the one who has proven me to become the greatest hero of the Motherland! The one who has the elite skills no Rushian has ever obtained! The one, who raised our banner over the Alterran Holy Palace!”
    This time, there were multiple claps from the UCP and the Alterran people. I knew I won't be able to receive the Hero of Rushia, but fighting against Dark Alterra gave me a bit of pride. At least I did something.
    Dragunov: “The Hero of Rushia shall be awarded to Private Andropov!”
    As soon he said the words, I could not believe it. As an average private soldier of Mikhailov’s battalion, I was no longer an average comrade. After all these years, I thought I was worthless to Dragunov. Now, I have proven myself to be titled as a hero of the UUSR!
    Alterran Noble: “The Ursan soldier, Private Andropov, shall receive his order!”
    When I got up, my strength returned as I began marching towards the front, ready to be titled as a hero. As I stood on the front, the servant placed the Hero of Rushia and the Legend of Alterra on my chest. Inside, I was totally freaking out, but I felt confident and neutral as I stood of the Snowpeak Mountains up far North. As soon the servant moved aside, Dragunov offered me a handshake with a mask of a dictator as I accepted it, a promise to serve for the Motherland. The Elf Queen offered me too as she gave me a grin, proving me I could be one of the Elf Queen’s elite guards. This also gave me encouraged to stay strong. After our motto and the salute, I marched back. It is still not done yet.
    Dragunov: “The mighty armed forces of the Crimson Army has made a promise to restore harmony for the Elf Queen! We also made our own promise, to obliterate the Dark Alterran fascists! The Elf Queen, shall begin her speech.”
    Dragunov finally returned to his seat where he had once seated. The Elf Queen now had a chance to speak with her words of enlightenment.
    Elf Queen: “Citizens of Alterra, we are gathered here for a special purpose. Peace has finally been restored from the darkness of terror. Unfortunately, my most trusted advisor, Silknight, has taken her own life for what she has done to Alterra. To maintain peace, I will still forgive her deeds. Furthermore, I also must thank the Ursan race for resisting with courage and honor. In conclusion, from this day forward, never again violence shall terrorize the peaceful lands of Alterra. We shall start a new civilization created from tranquility and new forms of art. As the first queen of the Alterran race, I have promised all of you every Alterran to be protected. Thank you all.”

    The Alterran Civil War (212-216) lasted about 4 Alterran years, which is in 20 human years. Millions of lives were lost in this horrific conflict. A huge conflict between the Union of the Ursan Socialist Republics and the Dark Alterran Empire. It was one of the most brutal wars in Alterran history. A civil war that was never meant to be forgotten...
    Last edited by RushalotPL; 09-06-2020 at 05:30 PM. Reason: Post war Alterran sources claim that about 10 million lives were lost, with DA losing the majority.

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    This is it, the final episode and chapter of Pocket Legends: Alterra At War. I hope you comrades enjoy this series of fan fiction.

    This first book was inspired by Call of Duty: World At War.

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