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    Default Questions

    Which ARZAC wing does the engineer want to craft the new derex wing?

    Which MAGOR bracer does the engineer want to craft the new intex bracer?

    Str requires pharao shield, i know.

    Last question @ Cinco
    cant you just change the engineers requirements for the new shields just to cyber wing/bracer/shield? None wouldve bought the pharao shield because it was worse than cyber. Now those cyber shields ,which were actually better than pharao shield, are nothing worth and arent useful anymore. Wasted so much platinum. I feel like i got kind of fooled by spacetime studios. Please .

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    Items needed for new sets, they give super speed bonus as well.


    DEXREX.5 Scorpion Helm
    lvl 80 ARZAC scorpion helm
    lvl 80 proj.5 XAR scorpion helm
    derex helm recipe

    DEREX.5 laser talon
    lvl 80 arzac laser talon
    lvl 80 proj.5 xar laser talon
    dexrex weapon recipe

    DEXREX.5 sentinel armor
    lvl 80 arzac cyber armor
    lvl 80 proj.5 xar cyber armor
    dexrex armor recipe

    DEXREX.5 menes wing
    lvl 80 arzac sentinel wing
    lvl 80 proj.5 xar sentinel wing
    dexrex wing recipe


    INTEX.5 kharfa helm
    lvl 80 magor kharfa helm
    lvl 80 proj.5 zam khafra helm
    intex helm recipe

    INTEX.5 laser wand
    lvl 80 magor laser wand
    lvl 80 proj.5 zam laser wand
    intex weapon recipe

    INTEX.5 keeper's armor
    lvl 80 magor cyber armor
    lvl 80 proj.5 zam cyber armor
    intex armor recipe

    INTEX.5 gurgox's eye
    lvl 80 magor imhoptep eye
    lvl 80 proj.5 zam imhoptep eye
    intex shield recipe


    STRAX.5 mynas helmet
    lvl 80 warat mynas helmet
    lvl 80 proj.5 wak mynas helmet
    strax helm recipe

    STRAX.5 psyborg sword
    lvl 80 warat psyborg sword
    lvl 80 proj.5 wak psyborg sword
    strax weapon recipe

    STRAX.5 guardian armor
    lvl 80 warat cyber armor
    lvl 80 proj.5 wak cyber amor
    strax armor recipe

    STRAX.5 screaming skull shield
    lvl 80 warat pharaohs shield
    lvl 80 proj.5 wak pharaohs shield
    strax shield recipe

    You can purchase these Dexrex, Intex & Strax elites from the psycho seller with plat:

    helms 500 plat
    weapons 900 plat
    armor 600 plat
    shield 400 plat
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    thank you very much.
    Though, im still waiting for cinco to answer to my question. Question is if he couldnt change the craft requirements of strax and intex shield to cyber bracer/shield. Because no one would have bought the magor imhoptep eye or warat pharao shield before this new update. so most of us spent thousands of platinum for a shield which used to be better than pharao and imhoptep before this update, but now its worthless and useless.

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