Its been five years of playing this awesome game, I picked it up back then because its an mmorpg but easy even for a casual gamer like me. The game have evolved and improved alot from then, now I can't hardly keep up since the grinding became necessary to be able to play the expansion. The playing experience was great! I meet alot of friends and foes which kept me interested. I learned alot form other players and forummers and also shared and helped whenever I can.

Since I'm a casual gamer, I can't compete with leaderboards. But I compete in other ways, I'm leaving an epitaph in the game (unless the devs remove it).
So, whenever Halloween Event is can read what I wrote in the leftside area of the event map..It says....

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IGN: Warmonica
NPC: Inan'hesh

"Oh! here he lies the fallen Inan'hesh
for his demise heroes paid blood and flesh,
the devourer of worlds becomes his fame
realm of shadows still exalts the name"

I'll still look in forums, but won't be playing anymore...
Thank you friends and foes!, thanks devs and mods, thanks guildmates, thanks all!

Best regards to you all,
~kinzmet (Warmonica)