It makes everyone look bad... People in PvP guilds are dirtbags, without exception. This is not breaking news. PvP guilds are the birthing places of fraud that is felonious in most countries. Some of the sadism you guys inflict on each other on Line is so foul and otherworldly that if I were victim to it I'd report you to cybercrimes and have your front door kicked in at 3AM for the US residents. I have seen a lot of good people banned or just outright quit for pitting themselves against you and your shameless behaviour since season 1. All of which I've kept detailed record of. After what I saw on Line last week that may or may not have put any spectators at risk of imprisonment, I have ceased playing the game and also removed myself from Line for the time being. And make no mistake, if any of the higher-ups in STS knew what was going on and are conscientable people, and I assume they are, you'd all be gone...those days aren't here yet, but I can see them on the horizon.

Please take down the Adam drama thread and then follow it by removing this tangent.

Galaxy Note 7