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Thread: The Elite Way Guild page.

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    Default The Elite Way Guild page.

    All members of the Elite Way are encouraged to post here, about anything Guild related!
    We are a friendly guild and like to make all our members feel welcome, any help with leveling, gear or just good old fashioned advice please feel free to ask.
    Long serving Officers like Perryk, Drginge and a number of others are ready to help when they can.
    We do try to discourage things like begging for money/,items and just general harrasment of other players.
    You may get a warning if found to be participating in this behaviour, or you may not depending on the seriousness of the offense.
    Otherwise , enjoy and I hope to see your posts up here soon.

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    Default perryk

    Hello guild members Friday 17 March 2017 there will be promotions to officer today for people who was nominated any1 got any nominations for favourite most helpful officer feel free to let me malpedia or drginge for next promotion chances thanks a lot and keep locked to here for latest guild news and information

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