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Thread: Pocket Legends: Neo Mages Episode 1: Neo Mages Chapter 3: A New Recruit

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    Default Pocket Legends: Neo Mages Episode 1: Neo Mages Chapter 3: A New Recruit

    Pocket Legends: Neo Mages
    Episode 1: Neo Mages
    Chapter 3: A New Recruit

    Thompson: “To the tent. Below, there’s an underground tunnel. We dug it!”
    He immediately went to the tent as he opened the flap and crawled under the tunnel. The tunnel wasn’t that small, but we had to crawl like worms digging the brown dirt. The Neo Mages must’ve dug perfectly, because the tunnel was covered with cobblestone. As Thompson was the first one to get out, I followed him too. As I got out from the tunnel, a huge cave, with hundreds of Neo Mages sitting and standing on the rocky floor. Thousands of torches were hung as firepits were scattered everywhere. I just suddenly realized that I became a recruit.
    Angela: “What’s with these robes?”
    Thompson: “Colors represent what state you were born. You were from Fathom Crypt, right? So, you’re probably gonna’ wear a black robe.”
    Angela: “What about the others?”
    Thompson: "Plain are the ones from Silva, Reds are from here, Blue’s from United Alterra, Yellow’s from Arenam, Greens are Palus, Purples are Circos, Browns are Haranae, and finally the whites are the citizens of Glacies.”
    Angela: “Aren’t you joining?”
    Thompson: *laughs* “Look, girl. I’m a bear! Elves are born with magic, not bears! Anyways, I have to go out soon, to avoid suspicion.”
    Angela:“Alright, see you.”
    After Thompson began crawling out from the cave, I began to enter a group of armed paramilitary Elves. Their eyes began to stare at me as if I was their leader, but it felt like millions of Neo Mages staring at me in a single second. A red and orange campfire was surrounded by black robed elves with hoods and masks on. When I sat down, next to me was a female with a color of brown and she didn’t even wore her dark hood on.
    Angela: “Rose, is that really you?”
    Rosella: “Angela? Hey! You’re here for new recruits?”
    She was one of the most popular students in my school and although she wasn’t one of my best friends, she still knew about me. She was named after her mom because she was obsessed in roses. When she was young, her parents immediately evacuated to Blacksmoke Mountain when the DA Imperial Army invaded the Alterran Heavenly Kingdom. When Silknight commanded her troops to seize all territories, they came to Blacksmoke Mountain, but her parents hid in a mountain cave until the war ended. Rose also told me that her parents were about to go back home, but since the UUSR controlled Crypta as a prison country, they went back to Medved with no choice.
    Angela: “When did you joined?”
    Rosella: “Oh, about a week ago. Most of the girls in my group are still scared of being shot and killed by the SUA. I mean, come on. Why can’t they just grow up and resist?”
    Neo Mage #1: “I bet most of the girls are gonna die.”
    Rosella: “Did I ask for your opinion, numbskull?”
    Neo Mage #2: “But not today!” *laughs*
    RING! RING! RING! Two boys got up and immediately went to the stage. I mean, all of us had to go.
    Rosella: “There’s the bell. Come on, we gotta’ go to the podium. Daily routine.”
    I still didn’t have my uniform, but anyways I went towards to the stadium, where there were hundreds of mages nearby. On our row, there were at least a hundred, but there were a lot of different units. So that’s the total of less than a thousand. I heard rumors the biggest group are from Fathom Crypt, because that’s where it was founded. On top of the stadium, there were few mages that had a higher rank with special decorations. Noise kept running like a river until a golden robed mage appeared to the podium without a mask.
    Neo Mage: “Our leader, Maverick, shall speak for the new generation of Neo Mages!”
    A middle aged elf appeared with a golden robe as he began walking towards to the podium. Mixed together with new recruits and Neo Mages, we waited for his words to release from his throat. This was going to be a boring speech talking about Neo Mage stuff, I expect.
    Maverick: “Thank you, Magnus. Recruits of the Neo Mages, I congratulate all of you for your courage and serving loyalty to the Elf Queen. You will not only fight for Alterra, but also for the new generation of the Neo Mages! Born with blood of enchantment, your soul is deeply protected by eternal enlightenment! For the sake of the elves, I shall begin the history of the foundation.”
    You see, during the rise of Dark Alterra, Silknight created the Femme Fieras, one of the three main branches of the Dark Alterran Imperial Army. Near the end of the Alterran Civil War, one of the DA Elven generals created the Neo Mages, which was onced originally named the “Dark Elves”. When the general discovered that the Dark Alterran Empire had fallen, his last words were: “My militia was not created for supporting the Dark Alterran Empire, but to support the long reign of enchantment.” His brother became the successor of the Dark Elves, which he renamed them the “Neo Mages”, and that’s how they were created. All of us below released a huge amount of claps and cheers to support Maverick. Of course, you’ve got to respect the elders, even when you’re having a bad day.
    Maverick: “New recruits shall go to the other side in order to receive their first uniforms and spells. Remember, you are fighting for the future of the Neo Mages! I wish you good luck, my fellow people.”
    Instructor: “Neo Mages, prepare for assault!”
    In the front line with the other mages behind, I was now a black robed militia trooper with my mask covering my face to hide my identification. As I glared at the stuffed figure with a military cap and uniform, I prepared my stance.
    Instructor: “First step, take a drink from the mana potion!”
    I quickly grabbed a single potion from the belt at the right, opened the top, and finished the whole bottle. I’m telling you, it tasted so bitter that you were drinking grass juice. After I swiped the tiny blue juice from my lip, I feel more stronger as usual. I felt as if blue flames have surrounded my whole body, while licking with a lack of eternal darkness.
    Instructor: “Second step, take a stance while breathing in and out!”
    Without rushing, I inhaled the whole oxygen in my body as I can, and finally releasing the carbon dioxide away. Little by little, I could feel my blood rushing for more power and energy. I feel that the grandmaster far behind was looking at me. He could probably tell that I am ready to resist Dragunov’s corrupt forces.
    Instructor: “Strike!”
    BOOM! The target that once stared at me, became nothing but a huge pile of flames and blackened remains of the stuffed figure. My body felt like sitting in the Arenam desert for hours, while sweat poured down like rain. While breathing heavily like a warrior after a bloody battle, the others behind me were silent as stone while staring. Even the instructor was shocked! Suddenly, I heard huge voices, including the high ranked ones.
    Neo Mage #1: “Did you see that?! She just threw a huge fireball!”
    Neo Mage #2: “Hold up, isn’t she the daughter from one the Elf Queen’s royal servants?”
    Neo Mage #3: “Her parents were both killed by those corrupt reds after the war…”
    Instructor: “Alright, guys. Wrap it up. Back to your training!”
    Back to improve our enchantment skills.
    Magnus: “Grandmaster, did you see that? That first rank blew her target up like artillery. How magnificent!”
    Grandmaster: “Hm, Magnus, she is no ordinary Elf. She was born from one of the royal servants for the Elf Queen. Her mother was a waitress, while her father served as an Elf Guard to protect the Alterran Heavenly Kingdom. Her name is Angela. Remember that, Magnus.”
    Magnus: “What can I do for her, Grandmaster?”
    Grandmaster: “When she reaches to at least Rank 15, send her to elite training. Her parents would be proud of her.”
    Magnus: “Most certainly, Grandmaster.”
    Day by day and month by month, my training began to improve like an infant struggling to walk on its legs. After I became rank 15, Grandmaster sent me to elite training. Climbing the highest mountains, struggling in the harsh winter, but all of this training had ranked me up to one of the elite bodyguards of the Neo Mages. We swore that we will fight for the Elf Queen and the country of Alterra, no matter how hard our the consequences will be. All of my friends were proud of me, including Cinnamon! I was proud, too. However, this is 218, two years before the Crimson Uprising. Many of us will fall, but they will remember us as valiant heroes. This is just the beginning.

    To Be Continued...
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