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Thread: Rise of the Tyrannical King: A Prologue

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    Default Rise of the Tyrannical King: A Prologue

    The Sun settled onto the horizon, sleeping on the shoulders of Hellen’s Peak. This chimed the ending of day and bells tolled as the people of Agora rushed into their homes, as they always have, leaving only the unfeeling crisp air of night. It was then that Mayim, a servant girl of no nobility and common wealth, began her nightly duties of barricading the windows. “Five pence and hearth,” she parroted, as Mr. Bauer would always say, “Five pence and hearth for m’soul and m’youth. My arse is only go’n to droop from ‘ere on out don’t cha know, Mr. Bauer?” He chuckled in response, understanding her sense of humor, though unseemly, came from a place of love and mutual respect.

    “Well that’s five pence and a hearth more than you would have until you marry” he retorted. “Marry?! ‘o’s gonna marry me? No dowry, no money, and a droop’n arse. Bloody five pence, Mr. Bauer!” she said, erupting in laughter. Knock… knock… knock… the room grew tense as Mayim gave an audible gasp. Who could be outside at night in Agora? “‘O’s there?” she asked hesitantly, holding onto Mr. Bauer, who clinged on behind her as they waited for a response. “You think maybe it was the wind push’n over ‘em window shudders, Mr. Bauer?” “Must be” he replied, terrified of the alternative. Knock… knock… knock...

    “No, no it can’t be, I ‘eard it again this time, someone’s definitely knock’n, Mr. Bauer, but it just can’t be, ‘cause I ‘eard the last bell ring too, Mr. Bauer.” Knock. Knock. Knock. The knocking continued, increasing in pace. “Mr. Bauer, please say somethin', I’m scared” Mayim yelled as she took hold of his shoulders, “Please just say somethin', anythin'.” He said nothing, he only held her knowing their fate. The knocking began to move from the door… to the wall… to the fireplace… until landing on a window, still unbarricaded, where Mayim and Mr. Bauer stood.

    She pressed her face onto the glass hoping to catch a look at whatever was causing the knocking, praying to Rendtail that it was some foolish child playing out in the dark, but she saw nothing. Only the pale grey of the poorly lit snow. Turning around excitedly, a smile on her face, she exclaimed, “You know? I bet it was some stupid boy throw’n rocks or some’n.” The window burst open and Mayim floated three feet off the ground, she began to scream as Mr. Bauer noticed the pale grey hands of some behemoth carrying her out of the house. Defeated, he sat down in front of the window, poured himself some ale, accepting that he was next...

    Author's Note

    Thank you for reading (if you got this far)! I was thinking of writing a longer piece but decided to write a prologue that introduced the style and tone of the story I wanted to write just to gauge interest and get feedback. This short story is far from perfect, so any critiques and criticisms are appreciated!


    Hellen's Peak The uninhabited mountains that become Nordr in the distant future.

    Agora A settlement established on a plateau rich with gold deposits plagued by monsters.

    Rendtail One of four deities that the Order of the Red God worship. Rendtail is considered to be the Harbinger of Death and is prayed to for mercy in times of danger and hardship.

    Order of the Red God A sect established by explorers after sailing towards the Eastern Sea.

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    Nice, can't wait to read more.

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    Really nice story

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