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    Default Sets

    So, bears need to have a damage decrease as they are supposed to be a tank not a one man army. Birds talon set also needs a damage decrease or mages need more armor and mana to counteract the amount of damage done by talon set 550+ auto is a little op.

    I think a bow should be added into the game for birds that has a high damage output but low armor maybe around 950 with around 1800-2k damage. With talons doing 1400 armor and 1300 damage to have pros and cons of using each set.

    Bears set NEEDS a damage decrease like I said above they're supposed to tank not wreck everything and tank.

    Mages need more mana or they need more armor they are underpowered compared to the other 2 classes.

    I know nothing about rhino or fox since I have yet to see one in pvp.

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    I will agree with you on the bear, It should have a slight damage decrease. I honestly think if they took away some hit % it would be fine with the damage they have now. Mage however is fine the way that it is, A mage shouldn't be able to tank and nuke. A mage is more of a support toon, If we made mages so they can tank and nuke it would be like 85 talon mage all over again, I do believe birds and mages are fine the way that they are, It comes down to kiting and combo knowledge when it comes to bird vs mage. Rhinos are a pretty solid toon so far, The Fox toon could use less dodge and more armor.

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    Some improvements I suggest:

    - mages may need a slight mana increase. There are too many times where it's been so easy to pierce through the mana shield with high dmg from skills. Otherwise, I'd say that mages are in a good spot currently. They nuke birds just as easily as birds nuke mages. And usually mages will come up on the winning side in a 1-1 against bear.

    - bears may need a slight dmg decrease, but should retain all tanking stats they currently have. I feel there has already been a big improvement for bears compared to the last two caps.

    - Crit stats need to be reduced on all sets and perhaps the crit that is given by level 10 skills. As of right now, crit buffs are absolutely useless when crit is already at 100%. Anything higher than the cap does nothing when you've already reached the cap unbuffed and have over 100 crit unbuffed. While it's not as bad as foxes (it should still be changed though) because foxes' crit buff also gives dmg, it's even worse for birds. When birds have around 108 crit unbuffed and 205% hit unbuffed, they do not really need the extra hit from focus and the addition of crit changes nothing, as I said before. The only time birds would need the extra hit% is when stacking of -70% hit debuffs came into play. 1) you'll probably die before this stacking effect even matters 2) if you're not dead, you're probably stunned while this stacking is happening and are a sitting duck on the verge of death anyway 3) you'll probably dodge one of the two -70 debuffs because dodge is rampant. So, as you can see, most of the time the stacks do not matter and are very situational anyway. If you're going to use focus, I recommend something like 4-6 focus in order to prevent the rare occurrence when -70 stacks of debuffs actually affect you. This feels broken though. What was once one of the most useful buffs for birds is now mostly useless. The crit is nearing the cap unbuffed on other classes too and soon this will be a problem as well.

    - dodge should be decreased on all sets and perhaps the dodge that is given by level 10 skills. As of right now, when a good player fights another good player, the dodge will always determine who wins the fight.

    - armor buff for foxes. In my encounters with them, they feel very squishy.

    Some things I like about this cap:
    - bears feel improved and better than the last two caps.
    - mages got a huge dmg upgrade compared to last cap.
    - rhinos are solid in the arena.
    - all classes are viable if you know how to play them.
    - the regen increases (at least on dex sets) feel much better than pre-update. It's easier to recover now.

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