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Thread: [feedback] about dreamscape boss

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    Default [feedback] about dreamscape boss

    today i'm doing daily quest in dreamscape with my warrior, unfortunately even after asking guild and waiting inside for 10 mins, i can't find anyone to run with, and decided to solo, which became something i regretted in doing.

    after dozen of tries, i managed to kill the boss in the next 1 hour, which i think is unnecessary challenging, for a l62 daily. some feature of the boss that is really frustrating is the random spawn of vines, which if I'm unlucky, they spawn less than 1 sec before the boss start absorbing mobs, and once this happens, it recovers around more than 4 times of damage I can dealt in one phase.

    dreamscape is not shuyal, it's a limited access map, so sometime you have no choice other than to solo, just like event map, because not everytime everyone has spare energy to use.

    my suggestion is to make dreamscape access work like mausoleum, to let other people to be able to join anytime, as long as they have the necessary key (access badge in case of mausoleum, and level in case of dreamscape). the fact is, mausoleum start becoming alive after people start learning sharing access. or yes, you can also nerf the boss

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