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Thread: Expansion arcane weapons suggested changes

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    Default Expansion arcane weapons suggested changes

    - Arcane daggers 66
    Procs the shield when taking damage (disagree? take a look at the arcane gun 66 proc and put it into a PvP perspective)

    - Arcane sword 66

    Increased pull range

    Post any other changes you feel could be needed below and i'll update this.


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    Arcane bow

    Since the bow unlike Immo bow is not designed for bosses, it should provide a bit of crowd control and area oriented effect/damage. Now when it procs we see some sort of magenta dust that doesn't actually do anything, neither stun nor damage. When a mob has finally decided what side to fight for (which happens in a very few cases for my side - and then it's some useless mob like female sorcerer's spawned skeleton or a str mob that misses his auto attack) I can kite and dance around the mobs to watch how he is fighting before he dies on my next hit. This is not a realistic play scenario.
    When playing in a team most mobs are stunned and won't move to fight anyway, so it's useless as it is now and a legendary 61 bow with several arrows or even the Eloia bow proc seem to be more useful.

    Here are the main points I suggest:

    - noticeable area damage or stun
    - charmed mobs are not target priority when there are other enemies available
    - higher mobs (e.g. AS dex mob or undead sorcerer) can be charmed
    - 'DREAD' or something to show it's proccing
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    New arcanes definitely need a rework. I can't speak for warriors bulwark and mages gun tho.
    One of the most useless procs in game (if not the most useless one) is arcane bows proc. The damage is neglectable and the charm is literally leading to nothing. New charm proc in generall are pretty useless because in 95% of the cases the charmed target will be stunned for the duration of the charm and even if the target is not stunned, the charm effect will be gone until the mob finally decides to attack another mob.
    We need party-option for raid! :P

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    Arcane Staff: The "Summon Mobs" proc must be changed, or at least removed.
    1.) These mobs became the target of rouges, they are important in dealing damage, but honestly, massive damage won't work if the attack won't hit the desired target.
    2.) I'm not sure about this, but as a user of this staff, I noticed that these summons are more frequent than the Charm proc. It's really frustrating >.<
    Suggestions: As I said on a thread, maybe you can replace this proc with a massive debuff/small chance to banish or stun/etc or have a small chance to proc Charm on bosses, as it will be more useful. Or just remove the summon proc, I'm pretty sure that many players would agree with me, that this summons are not that useful.

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