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IDEA : I'm thinking a 8 Team Tournament with a 1m buy-in per team /8m (4m per person)Reward to winner
Rules would be as shown :
1.) NO FOUNDERS any other vanity is allowed
2.) I will be watching every single game which will be first to 10
3.) No fights may start without me being present
4.) All fights will occur on the same day
5.) Play fair I will be watching >:3
6.) Any gear is fine! Paws/Fbows/Toys All permitted just no founders
7.) If you are "lagging" or have internet issues I advise to not participate if you disconnect or leave the game for any reason besides for regen AFTER a fight it will count as a death regardless
8.) Only 1 fight at a time teammates will take turns

1.) Must Have a Kik to participate
2.) No complaining if you lose
3.) 1m Pure gold no items
4.) Expect to see me participate )

Im thinking about hosting this on Friday if you are interested add my IGN : Kpf and message TheKPF on kik to join the chat!
(also let's see if devs can add a tourney shield!) first 8 teams will be given a time to play in kik chat. Good luck!