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Thread: Scammer must be stopped

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    Default Scammer must be stopped

    I came back(restored toon with no items) she is tied in with what happen qoute "what are you doing back ,you shouldn't be back " qoute

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    The only way to stop scammers is to add GM System into DL and other STS games, i have been playing games with game master systems and trust me they are well disciplined than DL. AL is kinda better compared to DL ( in discipline ).

    In DL we can easily find players doing these stuffs

    - Abusing STS Administration

    - Prostitutes ( Selling Dirty pics for pixel stuff )

    - Racism ( Mainly over religion and country )

    - Scammers

    Now how can anyone except DL to have a bright future with these kind of people playing it, making other players quit through either scamming them or doing racism.

    Can you ever say my computer system is going to get well while it has attacked by virus?

    Just like that DL is not gonna be a better game unless there is an anti virus to clean up the whole system.

    GM is ANTI VIRUS . Think about it

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