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Thread: (Degrade Elixir)Reduce Player lvl for Pvp

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    Default (Degrade Elixir)Reduce Player lvl for Pvp

    From long time i was thinking there should be a elixir to reduce lvl by 10. Sometimes people wanna get delvl to low lvl for better pvp when lower pvp brackets get active. I suggest STS to consider this thought. Now if i wanna pvp at lower lvl i got to wait 5days to open pet slot and even buy new arcane pets. The new degrade elixir can cost 500-1000platinum no worries atleast ppl can save millions who save arcane pets at high lvl.
    This will open up pve players to consider pvp at lower lvl. Like 61 can go pvp 56 or 46 by 2 Degrade elixir.
    If u guys support my thought then who knows STS will look into it xd. Anyway
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    I doubt this will happen but even if it does. 10 level is too much to de-level. I would prefer 1 level, 5 and 10 so people has more flexibility. Although I doubt player at cap will want to de-level cuz of the amount of gold thrown into Nightmare expansion and time. But food for thoughts!!

    I am sure some people hoping de-leveling comes back and this is a great idea without hassling the dev.
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    Great idea imo, make it plat purchased or something so sts has profit of it to, support wont get spammed with emails about accidents with lvling up anymore.. win win situation

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