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Thread: Pocket Legends: Neo Mages Episode 2: Anti Dragunov Chapter 2: Uproar

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    Default Pocket Legends: Neo Mages Episode 2: Anti Dragunov Chapter 2: Uproar

    Pocket Legends: Neo Mages
    Episode 2: Anti Dragunov
    Chapter 2: Uproar

    Interrogator: “A few years after the war, the humans arrived as they helped us to rebuild Alterra. After the occupation, Dragunov, the leader of the UUSR, planned to dominate all of Alterra.”
    Angela: *laughs hysterically*
    Interrogator: “Try to resist, Angela! It’s the only way to be free from Silknight’s dark magic!”
    I tried to remember, but all I can do is lie down and panic. It was like somebody blocking me from recovering my memories.
    Interrogator: “When the uprising started, the Neo Mages planned to assassinate Dragunov once and for all. Often the United Alterran Army brought their weapons for them.”
    Angela: “Whatever happened to us?”
    Interrogator: “If you want to know more about your memories, then I would suggest you close your eyes while I explain.”
    I slowly laid down on the white bed as I felt some comfort. My eyelids began to shut slowly as the room turned black.
    Angela: “I'm ready.”
    Interrogator: “Good, let's begin.”

    Medved, Rushia
    Rosella: “Since we don't have enough time, we'll make it quick.”
    A huge bar flooded by customers with drinks in their hands while recovering their thirsts. Most of them were just average citizens with normal clothes, while few were Neo Mages. Normal clothing, but to avoid revealing their identities.
    Marksman: *whispering* “What's our plan?”
    As we sat on the counter, we looked pretty good after 3 years. Rosella and I now looked pretty attractive than before. Mark looked perfect to be a soldier, including Thompson.
    Thompson: “I've been told that the Neo Mages and the resistance are going to assassinate Dragunov. The UCP members will fly off to Wyldwood to inspect their first nuclear rocket.”
    Rosella: “How come?”
    Thompson: “They're gonna test it on Arenam and if they succeed, they will create a second one and launch it right on our capital!”
    Angela: “How do we start?”
    Thompson: “The Crimsons and the SUA’s are gonna arrive soon to inspect us. While the resistance and I start the distraction, you guys will try to steal one of their trucks. I'll drive.”
    Rosella: “How's your sister doing, Angel?”
    Angela: “She's alright. With my aunt.”
    Marksman: “What else?”
    Thompson: “Near the bridge, a boat is waiting for us. Once we all get in, we go to the military air base. Once I release the flare, the Neo Mages and the resistance will immediately raid the base.”
    Marksman: “They better be.”
    Thompson: “If Dragunov tries to escape by riding the transport plane, then Rosella and Angela will use their skills to bring that plane down. Once he burns into ashes, we will be liberated from the Novi Zakaz.”
    Marksman: “What if we fail?”
    Rosella: “Hm, I’d rather insert a bullet into my head than living in a universe of communism.”
    Angela: “Besides, we’ll be known as heroes later on.”
    Thompson looked at his dark watch. 12:00 A.M.
    Thompson: “Time to make history.”
    Thanks to my ears, I was able to hear military trucks grumbling. A swarm of footsteps were heading to the wooden door. Rosella also knew they were coming.
    Rosella: “They're here.”
    BAM! Two SUA officers appeared, while the customers remained silent. I quickly took a stare at one of the officer’s face. He was the one who shot the innocent Elf 3 years ago. A corrupt animal he is.
    SUA Officer #1: “Eto Sotsialisticheskoye agentstvo Ursan. Vse grazhdane dolzhny nemedlenno otkryt' ikh dokumenty, udostoveryayushchiye lichnost'.”
    Thompson: “Alright, guys. Stay cool.”
    The officer marched towards to us. He looked like he could kill us all with a single Tokarev.
    SUA Officer #1: “All of you. Papers.”
    None of us said a word, as we thought we didn't notice him.
    SUA Officer #1: “I said papers!”
    I swear to Alterra, if that bear won't stop threatening us, I will drag his corpse to the Forest Cemetery unburied.
    SUA Officer #1: *muttering* “Syn Dragunova…”
    Well, he dropped his temper. Quickly equipping his weapon, he roared at us.
    He has a Tokarev, while we have knives, rifles, and magic. How could he possibly scare us? Besides, we don't even know what's he talking about.
    SUA Officer #1: “RAZ!”
    He's counting in Russian. If he reaches to three, there will be a death wish for him.
    SUA Officer #1: “DVA!”
    Two armed officers vs a dozen of Neo Mages and resistance fighters with knives and magic. War begins now!
    SUA Officer #1: “TRI!”
    Without a hesitation, I grabbed his left shoulder, and stabbed into the side of his head with my knife.
    SUA Officer #1: “AHHH!”
    Behind the second officer, one Neo Mage stabbed him in the neck. Two officers down, two squads to go.
    Thompson: “Alright, guys! You know what to do!”
    The Neo Mages began wearing their uniforms, equipped with mana motions. The resistance grabbed their rifles as they went upstairs after two of them dragged the bodies away. It looks like they weren't average citizens after all. Four of us headed to the door, while the Neo Mages were behind us.
    SUA Officer: “Vragi Dragunova, vy vyzvali dostatochno problem! Bros' oruzhiye i otdaysya!”
    Thompson: “They’re not giving up without a fight!”
    Marksman: “Oh, I'm ready to wash off some red crap!”
    Rosella and I quickly drank a single potion. A bitter taste, like medicine.
    Angela: “Ready, guys?”
    Rosella: “I’m with you, girl!”
    There were two paths. It was victory, or death. I chose both.
    Angela: “NOW!”
    Thompson: “They're giving us cover! Let's go!”
    The door busted wide open, we quickly ran to the stone fences. Mark and Tom were on the other fence, while Rosella and I were together. Behind us, one Neo Mage was about to use his enchantment, but a bullet finished him. Few other mages tried to go outside, but they were immediately shot. Blood had soaked their robes.
    Marksman: “We've got a bunch of Crimsons!”
    Soldiers wearing green SSh-40 helmets and brown uniforms, while equipping PPSH-41 submachine guns and SVT-40 semi-automatic rifles. After Mark finished 5 rounds, he quickly inserted the ammo into the chamber of a Rushian bolt action rifle. Tom was using a Tokarev, which was stolen from the SUA officers we killed earlier.
    Thompson: “Girls, can you take out one of the trucks?”
    Angela: “Yeah!”
    I formed a big electric orb, and threw it at the truck that the soldiers were using as cover. BOOM! A bright explosion appeared as tiny metallic scraps flew out of the sky.
    Marksman: “I'm out of ammo!”
    Thompson: “Same!”
    Two of them jumped over the stone fence and quickly grabbed the guns from the dead soldiers, while staying behind the burning truck.
    Rosella: “We gotta help them!”
    Angela: “I'll flank them!”
    I quickly jumped over the stone fence and I ran as fast as I could. As I heard shouts from the soldiers, bullets whistled and screamed. A stone bench chair was standing by, perfect for cover. While crouching behind, gunshots kept going while the bullets were hitting the bench chair. I knew I couldn't stay too long before my cover crumbles into dust. This is gonna be a suicide charge.
    Marksman: “Reinforcements are coming soon. We better hurry!”
    I didn't want us to fail our mission, but maybe death isn't so bad. With a flash, I ran towards to the remaining troops that were in the middle of a street. A few more steps, and I would be dead. A small lightning orb from my hot hands began to evolve as it became deadlier.
    Angela: “AHHH!”
    A large electric background appeared, while electrocuting 10 Crimsons. Howling with pain and agony, my rage resumed until my mana burned out. Now, all it remains are burned soldiers lying on the ground, lifeless. Breathing heavily with layers of sweat in my body, I took another swig of a mana potion.
    Marksman: “Woah, did you guys see that?!”
    Thompson: “That's a 10 combo kill!”
    Rosella: “Guys! Not the time to celebrate. We need to get to the boat, now!”
    Thompson: “Check the bodies! See if one of them has the key!”
    I'm pretty certain that one of the SUA agents were controlling the vehicle. I checked the first one. Nope. The second one? Yes!
    Angela: “Catch!”
    Click! Click! The panel swung right open.
    Thompson: “Angela, ride the shotgun!”
    After I crawled inside of the vehicle, Tom hopped in. He inserted the second key into the ignition switch, resulting the truck to grumble.
    Thompson: “Ready, guys?”
    Marksman: “Hell yeah!”
    Rosella: “Ready as I'll ever be!”
    Angela: “Ready!”
    Before he could step on the accelerator pedal, he looked at his bar and took a final command.
    Thompson: “RIOT!”
    VROOM! I looked at the mirror. The Neo Mages and the armed resistance ran outside while crossing the streets. As they began to shrink, I looked at Thompson.
    Angela: “What about the others?”
    Thompson: “They're gonna have to defend themselves. This is war, Angela. We expect casualties.”
    He was right. Our grandmaster told us that without defeat, there can be no victory. It happens to every soldier on a battlefield.
    Rosella: “There's the boat!”
    Marksman: “Guys? We've got company!”
    Two military trucks appeared from the right; filled with Crimsons and SUA’s. Looking at the front, few police cars came by and blocked the crosswalk.
    Marksman: “Oh, Alterra. We are so screwed.”
    Thompson: “Guys, hold onto something!”
    Marksman: “Why don't they have seat belts?!
    Rosella: “Oh, just shut up!”
    The SUA officers got out of their cars and began firing. Few of the bullets had reached the front window, creating bullet cracks. Thompson quickly turned the steering wheel to the right, as all of us braced for impact.
    Thompson: “HERE IT COMES!”
    CRASH! The truck and the SUA car collided quickly while crashing the car in the other direction, having the side heavily damaged. Thompson must've drove the truck too fast, because he drove off the road and landed at the grassy area. There was another impact we had to face.
    Thompson: “GUYS, GET OFF THE-”

    Interrogation Center, Balefort Sewers
    Interrogator: “Angela, you were in a coma after the truck was crashed into the bridge. Rosella and the others took you to safety in a boat from the SUA.”
    Every word that the interrogator said creates a flashback. Maybe it can tell me why I'm here.
    Interrogator: “The next day, you were taken near to the military airbase. While you were recovering, your friend-”
    *UUSR Anthem plays*
    A high pitch audio returned as I screamed with agony. Why was I saying this propaganda?!
    *UUSR Anthem pauses*
    Interrogator: “ANGELA, I DID NOT WANT TO DO THIS!”
    Interrogator: “FIRST, REMAIN CALM!”
    Angela: *gasping heavily*
    Interrogator: “Take a rest! Close your eyes and remember what happened.”
    Angela: *moans* “Why does it keep happening?!...”

    To Be Continued...
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