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Thread: Come Back Sale

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    Default Come Back Sale

    What's up guys, Patricia here! So as the title says I'm here to make my comeback for PL for good. So below as you can see I might have some items your interested in. So feel free to leave your offer in the comments section below or you can pm me in game and for those who don't know my Ign yet here it is: <Helicopters>

    For Sale:

    L1 Orange Balloon
    L10 Purple Snowball Launcher
    L25 Pink Reapers Blade
    L30 Pink Evidence Bracer
    L30 Trickster Staff
    L35 Pink Ornament Bracer
    L50 Sentinel 5Pc Shotgun & Talon Set
    L55 Custom Recurve Set
    L56 Charmin 5Pc Wand & Staff Set
    L60 Glyph Obedience 5Pc Dagger & Xbow Set
    L60 Demonic 5Pc Wand & Staff Set
    L66 Islanders Wand Set
    L73 Flying 5Pc Talon & Recurve Set
    L76 Fossilized Dragon Egg
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    Ah sweet how much for the Charmin wand set1.6mill , 1.8mill 2mill or somewhere in between that's just what I was looking for

    I'm not sure of the prices of these but if i under did it or over did it tell me what you think

    Hey Iwas able to find some pieces in the cs so I'll call this my offer off I forgot to mention, now on to the next gear I'mgoing to make a thread about
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    I might be back in PL soon and I'll offer 4.5 for Demo Xbow btw hit me up if your interested price is still negotiable

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    Interested in The fossilised egg. Hmu on ur price man

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