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In my preference I always go with Immo daggers. I normally don't like bows but I found the Dread bow ( arcane 66) works really well with Nightmare set ( I had full noble finesse on all item) for mausoleum 6. I liked this combo because I never die from curses even without Nekro, glow or Nilbog.

But at 61, my setup was immo daggers, balanced set and mythic 58 belt and venom set. ( You die from curses but this was my survival set up). You rarely die in mauso 6 with this because the immo daggers heals you constantly and deals damage. ( Mages did not like this and wanted me to have drag blades which I did but never used.)

At 66, I used nightmare helm and armour ( full noble finesse) and Avarice set 340% GL ( full stan nature). I died few times here but if you have op party then it's no problem. ( if i die then switch to venom set up, run back and switch.

As for party issues, I ran with all combinations ( I am rogue) and the speed is ranked below in order.
1. My fastest run was 4 rogues .
2. 1 war, 2 mages, 1 rogue
3. 2 war, 1 mage and 1 rogue
4. 3 war and 1 rogue.

I never have issues being invited to pt for mausoleum and usually prefer a warrior in party. The rest members are irrelevant to me.

You can't really compare these times as maus has many different variations of a level. Unless you knew for sure you ran same type of map