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    Raid issue: not always being able to target in Raid.

    Multiple times when entering Raid tonight, after the update, I could not target anything.

    This repeated itself over and over. I could not figure out what was triggering the glitch or how to make it not happen.

    Thought it had to do with receiving chats or accidentally hitting chat button - nope

    Thought it was entering Raid last - nope

    Thought activating my pet helped prevent it nope

    Then to add insult to injury, I saw others able to stand on the instant death floor yep you know it, it killed me, twice.

    Raid hates me tonight.

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    This happens in gauntlet when in a party, not being able to target a specific enemy also on a certain wave boss in gauntlet when your fighting the mage and the two eyes, if you kill them in under 20 seconds you have to wait until the time gets to 30 seconds before it moves to the next wave. I've gotten used to it so it doesn't bother me but it seems as though its a bug

    I'll edit my post if I'm able to run into that wave to give the wave number

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