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    Default ban account

    you guys should send email directly to the account email associated on the the account you banning on what violation he/she did. so that we dont guess why our account was ban.. Lots of exploitative accounts, account sharing, name, gold and account selling, etc. your keeping us guessing on what particular violation we did.. just like my account is ban i really dont know why.. did anyone reported me for gold buying or selling or what? i never share my account to anyone i never sell ign.. i never scam anyone..i know this is a error it is really inconvenience for me im confident that i never violated any terms and condition on this game..i'm innocent

    anyone can report me now on this post if they have evidence that i account share, name, gold and account selling


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    We don't discuss bans on the forums. Contact support please.
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    Need help? Please visit our Support Website at

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