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    Default Selling stuff

    Trickster's Staff
    X-Ray Visor
    Arbiter's Helmet; Chestplate; Pack (Engineer)
    Arbiter's Chestplate (Operative)
    Super Mom Charity Bouquet
    Chef Hat
    Classic Black Sunglasses
    Classic Leather Jacket
    Elite Team 6 (set)
    Intergalactic Survival Kit (Pink/Black)
    Exterminator Visor
    Custom Symbiotic/BladeTech/Runetech
    Halloween items
    Big luck 2013
    Hover Turkey 2012
    Winter vanities
    Valentines vanities
    Arbiter's Pack (Commando)
    All weapons (not all Elites, no SYKE lvl46 Tacs, no black Tacs)
    All normal sets
    Reindeer Antlers
    Rocketeer Helm
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