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Thread: Things to consider adding possibly

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    Default Things to consider adding possibly

    So far I love pla. I like the game style. Itís something new and itís nifty. I love games that are quick and casual like pla. But I think there are many things that could be added to give the game more flare. First is a couple of of things under the social tab. I think adding the tier of players underneath their name on your friends list and friends request list would be helpful. Right now Iím guessing at what tier friends Iím accepting. Also when your pet is attacking, it goes after the bases and pots (objects) along the outside. If your pet could pick up these armor+ and damage+ tokens it would be nice for it going out of the way and not attacking an enemy. I hope that more towns come out in the future because have different towns to would be cool. My personal opinion is that the blacksmith should cost gold not plat and the jeweler price should be reduced a little since you have to keep repairing your gears durability. But I like the idea of daily quests with the prizes including platinum. Another possibility could be switching your pets once one dies. In the long run youíd end up spending more plat to revive them all at once, once they are all dead. I think an auction house would be neat, and I did see some responses from devs in the App Store reviews about not having one because of a relaxed gameplay. I think you could get away with having one if you didnít allow selling/buying chats and prices are as listed in cs, no debating. This would allow players to buy more gold. But if not for the auction, thatís totally fine! Also, when Iíve joined the boom jr, Iíve been able to shoot the first few enemies from behind the gate while waiting for more players. Finally, I think that having access to switching characters from like a bird to a bear would be neat. And this would also tie in with have a stash and stashing a sword you loot on a bird and want to use on a bear if you donít like non class specific weapons. But I love how different classes can use other class gear! If you donít like any of my ideas thatís ok too lol. Overall, I love PLA and all of the cool features, some new and some reminiscent from other sts games! The game is super fun!
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    Love your ideas! Also, another suggestion would be adding something where you can look at your previous mails sent. I’m totally confused what me and my friend are talking about because we can’t see our previous convo.

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    Umm no offense but do you or have you ever even played Pocket Legends? Almost everything you just explained does not work like pets dying and so on lol.

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