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Thread: reuse Pocket Legend bosses/themes

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    Default reuse Pocket Legend bosses/themes

    I think it would be good to reuse more of the elements we had in PL. PLA is fun, but you can only fight the same looking rat mobs and the same rat bosses so many times before it gets redundant. Use the alien mobs from AO, Swamp Theme and bosses, Gurgox, etc. In other words, make it look more like PL. I think it was tier 8 where I fought the King of Bling and it was a ton better than the same rat boss with a different name. Speaking of that, having 1 boss with a funny play on names is cool but when every boss is like that it gets lame. Where are the swamp maps, sewers, etc, Goldfinger? Where's goldfinger?!?! Even the vamp maps with Aunt Emma would be better than more rats! I'm just at tier 9 so maybe some of this stuff is later on in the game, idk? Come on STS, u named this PLA so put some PL into it guys. U can do it, I know u can!

    That's all I have for now, maybe I'll think of some more stuff later on but right now I have to go fight 40 maps of rats and 8 rat bosses.

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    beware tier 12...

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