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Thread: Handsumlegend's Ultimate Guide to making 1M Gold

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    Default Handsumlegend's Ultimate Guide to making 1M Gold

    [Edit: While this strategy still works, it’s no longer as effective at the moment but read it anyway so if it becomes better in future you know how]

    Hello Newbie,

    So you recently picked up AL, reached level 40+ and You feel at unease for being poor? Have No fear. This is your Ultimate Guide to making 1M Gold
    You will make gold by a process called Farming. " Farming" Means you will need to run a map over and over for a specific item that you can sell for a good amount of gold in town/ auction. After You have made 1M. There are other faster ways to make gold but you can't pursue them if you dont have any gold.


    1. Time - There is no easy way to make gold in AL; everyone would be rich if there was a way. It will take an extreme amount of time to make 1M gold.
    2. Friends - There are many ways to make gold so get some friends in real life to play with you. Also add people who you run into often in maps where you decide to farm.
    3. Don't beg, it will get you nowhere ( Don't hope someone will be generous and give you 1M. NO ONE will.

    I will show you 1 strategy.

    1. Lock Farming ( This is how I made my 1st Million)
    Lock Farming is a process where you run a map over and over again with Luck Elixir earn a Locked Twilight Crate. These crates sell for 5-6k in auction. This Locked are dropped mainly when you will the boss . There are also other items which can boost your luck such as Leprechaun Pendant

    What You will need:

    1. Luck Elixir - is an elixir can be bought from the chest section of the auction for 10-20k. It gives you a chance to re-roll which essentially gives you a better loot like the Locked instead of an gear. This elixir only counts down when you are in a map and [NOT in Town]

    Additional Items:
    These items are not required but they increase odds of re-roll. These are items you should work toward getting if you enjoy this method.

    Leprechaun Pendant - is an level 1 Mythic Amulet which gives you 15% extra luck when it is equipped. This can be purchased from auction for 20-300k. I personally saved my gold from quests to buy this ( It tooks months but worth it)

    Hisha - A mythic pet whose Arcane Ability can increase your luck by 10%. Use this just before killing the boss.

    Cupcake - A legendary pet whose Happiness Bonus can increase luck by 2.5%. You must slot this on Hisha or Slot Hisha on Cupcake as this pet is cheaper. Don't know how slotting eggs work?

    A speed Set ( Ring and Amulet) - E.g. Noxious, Toxic and Venomous set can help you run faster ( 200% movement speed) in maps but it is not required at the beginning.

    MAPS to run:

    I will list 4 maps where your best chance of Lock Drop is.

    1. Undim Fields - Run straight to boss and Kill Him
    2. kraken Isle 1, there are 2 bosses here
    3. Kraken Map 2, 1 Map
    4. Lost Mages Mine - Can be Found in Dead City - Arcanum Grounds

    Each Elixir is 30 minutes long and you will make roughly 9 Locked. That is 9*5= 45k
    Therefore, Every 1 Hours you will make at least 100k. So 10 hours You will have 1m. Do 1h per day and you will be a millionaire in 10 days.

    Note: After You have made a million, You can start merching which is a faster way of making gold. Link here for more info:

    P.S: I use the my ign in the title so I can search this threads easily. I don't particularly like to refer to myself in 3rd person.
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    Excellent advice! I like O_O <3

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    I used to do the same back in km3 lol, but great advice man, thank you for helping out the new players

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    yup the best guide making money in the initial stage is so hard manipulating is very easy but you must have around 5-10m to do that

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    Locked twilight crates are now being sold at 3k sometimes.... Luck elix price is around is not good anymore for this business:/

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