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Thread: The best moba I've ever played. (Tribute)

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    Default The best moba I've ever played. (Tribute)

    By far one of the funnest games I have ever played. And the best moba by a mile. Look at all the others and see they are like carbon copies. Call of champions is in a league of it's own. I am very sad to see the news and know when I'm feeling bored of another game I won't have this one to turn to. Not even turn to it would sometimes be my main game. From alpha testing to playing the hell out of it it has been an amazing game that I think people who played other mobas judged without playing. If only a few bigger streamers or YouTubers saw this game we would have a #1 hit I'm sure of it. Goodbye call of champions.

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    So many heroes from concepts that will never be released I loved fast pace of the game, few balance fixes and this game could be perfect, but I guess people are too much used to 30 min long games whether it's mobile or full-scale pc platform

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    You can say it was a fun game but don't say it's the best MOBA because it's far from it.

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    its called an opinion. and as far as mobile goes, other than vainglory, and probably only because they actually updated that game longer than 3-4 months, coc was the best moba ive played as well.

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