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Thread: Massive Break Sale

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    Default Massive Break Sale

    Hey Guys So I decided to take a break and not farm anymore so I am selling gears ( I prefer to sell as a set, especially timed run gear). Offers Below and the price below are my auto.

    Gold Farming Gear: 590% GL

    Drag Blades 140% GL 8m Auto
    Avarice Belt STR 50% GL, Full awaken 30m
    Avarice Ring INT 60% GL, Full Awaken 6m
    Avarice Amulet STR 50% GL, Full awaken 4m
    Arcane Artifact Cabalist 90% GL, Full Noble Order fin 24m, (clean 20m)

    Total: 70M

    Timed Run Gear: 304% MS

    Immo Daggers 18% Movement Speed Full awaken 5m
    Arc Belt of Force 18% MS 3 Slots 5m
    Venom Set Dex 40% MS , Full superb fin ( 20ms on ring and 20 on amulet) 25m
    Arcane Artifact ELF (dex) Type with 28% MS 35m

    Total 75m

    Nightmare Armour full noble order fin and Helm full noble nature 25m

    60 Black Ice Crates 69k each

    ign: Handsumlegend

    I am just too addicted to the game so I need some time off and I will return during events.

    IGN: Handsumlegend

    I will accept gold only or high-end vanities
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