Devs, can you please fix this problem? We have been forced to play with these issues since the christmas update of 2016/2017. (last year) even though many of us have reported it here on the forums.

These are the main few of the many issues regarding PvP-

'Old Town' Arenas-
- You introduced a new map for CTF as well as one for DM. However, players experience many problems when playing in these new maps.
The main problem is that the powers don't work the way they do in the original maps. (psycho ward and the asylum)
The main powers that are extremely overpowered herr are 'Dark Binding' and 'Vermin Swarm'.
When using these powers in these two maps, you can kill any enemy in 1 single attack. These powers also freeze enemies now and the players are unable to do anything to counter as their character is frozen and dying quickly.

A minor issue is with a level 2 Brimstone
After using a charged level 2 brimstone, players lose their team's aura (blue/red). This makes games very confusing as nobody can tell what team you're on.
This issue is on every map.

In the Old Town DM map, players are farming their own characters by leaving an alt in the spawn area and since they always spawn in the same exact place, they can gain a lot of kills in just one minute.
Please change the spawn location and add a gate similar to the original DM and CTF maps

Also add some decorations or a recoloring as these maps look kind of bland..

Thank you STS

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