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    Default Gear Choice

    Gear Choice

    What is your go to set when it comes to pve as a end game player? I'm fond of new gear coming into the game and both the latest sets from Valentines are really appealing both visually and Stat wise. In your opinion what is the best set for each class. I'd like to see the forum discuss what gear you prefer and why.

    Speed set, arc ring, planar pend, arcane pend, Valentines set, nightmare set etc.

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    For tank:Terror blade,nightmare helm,armor,belt and speedset and arc artifact
    For rogue:terror blades/immortal bow+nightmare set or 3/5 nightmare and speedset and arc artifact one rogue with drag blades is also good.
    For mage immortal staff,drag staff and nightmare set or nightmare set 3/5 and speedset and arc artifact.
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    I use 3/3 tainted set with 3/3 voice (not worth to get just 3/3 NM imo)

    It works pretty well. I get approx. 9.7k (10.6k with doll) armor and 13.7k hp in the Chancel of Light as a warrior

    I also use Heroic Fenris for happiness bonus.

    Edit: Stats can vary depending on your awakenings I only have a measly 6% armor in awakenings.
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    depends on map or what im trying for.
    for mage
    in maus and forgotten map - 5/5 nightmare, horror staff on mobs, dragon staff on boss, winter artifact
    all other pve maps- 3/3 taint, speed set, nm belt, winter artifact
    if farming some crates or events i might use my luck "set" - luck artifact and a bunch of gear i have luck % on with the pet combo lucky with a cupcake slotted hb & hisha slotted aa

    cant beat nm bonus in maus and forgotten, and i love the hor staff, i think its one of the most slept on. i charge it b4 i get to mobs to help proc charm. once someone is charmed i focus on a new mob as the last charmed guy is dead or fighting for me. my raw stats with hor beat the immo staff and i dont need to rely procs to keep stacking or spread, they're charmed they die quick.
    to each their own

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