Recruiting all level 25 or higher!

Pocket Community is a multi-play-style guild. We have the runs, for the player versus environment fanatic; the economy knowledge, for the gold gainers; and lastly active competitors, for those who take their battles to the arena. Pocket Community has made a mark in the game of Pocket Legends since it's creating. Our guild was created in early 2016, when the guild was quite compact, filled with just a few gaming friends. But wow, were we in for a surprise. The guild took off, as players noticed there was something about this one. We built an outstanding leadership group and started climbing the leader boards in early 2017. Our guild has seen the ups, grieved the downs and continues to give our members an experience that you can not find anywhere else. We are here to house the old generation Alterrans, as well as welcome and teach the future generations of our game. We are many, but stand as one in our community. Our community built for the members, by the members.