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Thread: Reactor Core / Biosphere Commando Build

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    Default Reactor Core / Biosphere Commando Build

    Just hit 36, decided to post my build, this is my second 36 and it took twice as long as the first one because the bulk of the xp was on reactor core, but spent a lot of time in Biosphere as well, coz thats were the party is usually at and thats where you get a lot of friends as well

    Force Hammer - 6 : There are some OPs who dont target the healers, its pretty slow killing em as a mando, but you got to do it, so this is one single target damage Ive maxed out to focus fire on one enemy, also useful on the blackrobes in the biosphere maps. This is also a great taunt, but finishes of most enemies before they give you attention so its most useful against the reactor bug heads

    Neutron Stomp - 1 : for taunt and the combo

    Singularity - 4 : If this was a biosphere only build, this would be maxed, for reactor, im comfortable with keeping this the lowest, because you dont wanna make a mess of mobs, and you have to hold on to this skill for the push action till the mobs are at the console. if you wanna be adventerous, put this at one, and 5 on Nebula, then remap only at the boss, otherwise use Nebula. If you are level 36, having 9 skills leveld wont make a difference at all compared to the 35s.

    Graviton Slam - 6 : For taunt, as well as area damage

    Gravity Well - 6 : would have speced this lower for reactor, coz you cant assault the boss with this any old time, but im sticking to 8 skills for the build, so Gravity Well gets maxed.

    Growing Rage - 6 : This was the only self buff I used, despite the incredibly long cool-down time. This skill is good for when you have cast everything and are only firing, this should be rare, but it boosts how you use your gun, and that is why I chose this over the other self buffs.

    Back Breaker - 6 : Taunt, Damage, Combo, and the ickle text from enemies showing their back is broken

    Slot 1 - Rage, Stomp, Slam, Hammer
    Slot 2 - Backbreaker, stomp, well, singularity

    How to use this build on Biosphere
    Ideally, there should be only three stops in the map if you are speedrunning. First stop in the first room, or just outside depending on where everyone is. Kick in Growing Rage here to clear the first room as you wont get to use it till the very end of the map. Run to the first door, stomp-well-singularity on the way to clear the creeps on the turn. At the first door taunt the creeps inside the room with graviton slam, then go back outside and singularity-well-stomp the enemies, run up the corridor, throwing force hammer at one blackrobe, tap on the next to throw graviton slam, then round off the corner of the second door with well or singularity, only one is needed, go to the back of the second room, target the blackrobe with hammer or slam, well-singularity-stomp on the way out, growing rage will be ready for use again, kick it into action, force hammer on one black robe, slam on the other, clear the end mob with well-singularity-stomp then remake

    would like to hear a faster approach for this map

    How to use this build on Reactor Core
    Target the healers first if the OP is not doing it, or if you are comfortable enough telling people how to play, ask the OPs to target the healers. Now you have to pay attention to who is getting hit, coz if theres a spammy engie who is throwing pain transference wither and leech all at once at some mobs, you cannot hold their attention, especially if you are clearing something else. Tap on the healers first and send a hammer or slam their way, tap on the other creeps in turn casting one taunt skill at a time, dosent matter which one. Use singularity only as a finishing move, or you will make a mess. There are two ways to control a lot of mobs at once, either well-singularity-stomp to group them then scatter them and make them fall, or a better approach is singularity-stomp well, you group the mobs together after scattering them. Stomp makes em fall, and puts them out of action for a few crucial moments, use this if somebody is getting unnecessary attention. Also, use Gravity Well to pull creeps that are close to the bombs, so everyone else can atteck them without fear of being blown up. Often an OP overusing lurch can send off enemies behind bombs, or far away from everyone else, when this happens, dont follow the creep, wait for it to come back, and divert attention elsewhere, or wait if not needed. The creeps with a lot of HP/Dodge are perfect combo bait.

    At the boss, wait for the mysterious figure to touch the console once before you kick your actions in, otherwise hes gonna come back for another go. well-singularity can bring the boss to you and send him to the other side, use this combination to stick the boss to the wall. Often an OP can use lurch to send him away somewhere else, there is just enough time to use well-singularity once to reposition the boss where you need him, but doing this is risky if you cannot guess how long the boss will take to have another go at the console. If there is more than one commando, one of you should dominate while the other one helps, or the boss just passes like a football between the two/three of you. So if you see someone else using the actions, and you have well and singularity to spare, use it in between but for well you have to go up close to the boss, and for singularity, you have to make sure that you dont disturb his position unnecessarily.
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