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    Default Same Old Faces Everyday

    Why isn't this game being advertised to bring new players in ? I had been on this game for a while and I have not seen players that are fresh to the game. Most of the times, it is someone that got tired of their old account and created another character.

    Look at Clash of Clans released in 2012, same as AL, is now a game that made 5+ millions dollars per day back in 2017. Clash of Clans creators had few other games, just like Spacetime Studio, but what did they do right ? Removed all their other games and dedicated their time to make Clash of Clans better. Today, this game has 26,583 daily downloads (need players coming in) and $160,357 daily revenue.

    Fake it until you make it, STS learn for the pros and follow their steps.

    Obviously, admins will disregard this thread and the issue will continue

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    "STS learn for the pros and follow their steps. "

    Please start your own game company and see how easy it is.
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