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Thread: Warrior PvE pets and slots?

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    Default Warrior PvE pets and slots?

    What pets are best for PvE and with what slots? I'm currently using dova bear, don't remember what slots, but I need an second pet when dova is tired

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    first it depends on what maps you're runnin.
    in my case i run maus and elite southern gates if you do run this i recommend to use:
    breeze as base pet + hfen/ h little bear + glowstick (for maus runs as glow's aa removes curse. if you can't afford glow, nilbog can do the work for you as it also removes curse effects)

    for elite southern gates runs/elite maps with high chance of stunning i use:
    grimm as base pet + MM as happiness bonus + swift/ breeze aa ( grimm reduces stats and hit chance, MM is one of the best in happiness bonus you can look at stable lol. swift slows mobs and sometimes freezes it/ same goes with breeze as it freezes mobs i find this helpful as the way esg will be a map that usually passes most of the mobs works well if you don't have haste because mobs there has high chance of stuns and pulls you back that's kinda annoying.) goodluck!

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    Swift is a good one to use In a slot because of the pulling.

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