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Thread: Pocket Legends: Neo Mages Episode 3: Final Days Chapter 2: The Commander

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    Default Pocket Legends: Neo Mages Episode 3: Final Days Chapter 2: The Commander

    Pocket Legends: Neo Mages
    Episode 3: Final Days
    Chapter 2: The Commander

    Mikhailov: “FIRE!”
    Gunshots rang my furry ears while firing and reloading my dark revolver. Andropov next to me kept pulling and pushing the bolt knob after taking a shot. All of my comrades were lying prone on the black dirt while the dead trees provided us some cover. Silknight’s minions foolishly charged at us before our bullets wiped them out. These black headed fiends used to be fearless and unstoppable, until Dragunov’s rocket artillery arrived at the final years of the civil war. After a moment of rifles cracking, fallen demons lie everywhere in the front of the Fathom Crypt.
    UUSR Soldier #1: “Commander, there seems to be no more troops!”
    Andropov: “Don’t expect this is all Silknight has. Come on!”
    The next thing we knew, a loud bang erupted as huge pieces of metallic scraps and shrapnel flew all over. All it remains is gray smoke floating in the air. While our heads jerked at the left side, we noticed two soldiers controlling the green artillery gun. These two were the ones that helped us break through the throne door inside the Alterran Holy Palace.
    UUSR Artillery Soldiers: “Hey! Remember us?”
    Andropov: Just like in the capital!”
    All of us got to our feet as we sprinted to the ancient crypt. The armor of the black barbarians were completely useless to Rushia’s fearsome bullets, which is why our bullets pierced them to death. Their blood began to spill on the carpet of ash and earth while their souls sank down to the Underworld.
    Mikhailov: “Retrieve the orb, comrades!”
    UUSR Soldier #2: *mutters* “I hate going to to the dark...”
    The hallway was covered with darkness and suspicion. Everyone of us knew that we would be ambushed and killed. We were soldiers, and soldiers were born to die. The search of the Orb Destruction seemed to last for hours. Every time we discover a large room, it was nothing but stone coffins. We started to notice that the crypt was like a huge maze, but we would never abandon Comrade Dragunov’s orders. A long hallway met us as my group got closer to it, but there was a problem.
    Andropov: “It’s blocked. She knew we were coming.”
    A mound of debris mixed with gray bricks and black dirt prevented us from entering the gateway. Nice move, you black witch. Few of the soldiers sat against the ancient stone walls, not knowing what to do.
    Andropov: *stares at a sewer grate* “Let’s see what’s under inside the tunnel. Commander, are you with me?”
    Mikhailov: “I am not so sure, but let us try.”
    Andropov observed the rusted sewer grate and noticed a silver lock attached to it. Quickly grabbing his rifle, he stare at the iron sights as he took a steady aim. POW! The grate no longer remained shut as Andropov and I went under the dark hole. Andropov was in front of me while crawling in the wet tunnel. The problem while crawling the tunnel was not only it was too small.
    Mikhailov: “Never underestimate the power of stink, comrade…”
    In most occasions, war prevented us from expressing our humor. However, we sometimes used it when fighting against our enemies, especially the thieves of the black witch.
    Andropov: “Surely the stink is distracting us from finding the Orb of Destruction, commander!” *laughs*
    We went to the left, and discovered a huge space. After we crawled out of the small hole, a marble window with only iron bars rested above. We quickly got closer, and observed what was going on out there.
    Andropov: “The Orb of Destruction!”
    On top of the marble altar, a huge glowing orb in red stood. According to Alterran legends, it was once created by an unknown god of war. Before Silknight’s death and the Alterran Civil War, she once managed to capture all of the enchanted orbs. However, she encountered her first defeat as the legends of Alterra retrieved all of the orbs, ensuring that there won’t be any trouble again.
    Mikhailov: “There’s no one guarding the orb, but it may be a trap. Let’s head back.”

    Camp D.A, Crpyta
    Mikhailov: “The only way to get into the door was to use the artillery gun. All of the shells have been used, but we managed to enter in.
    When the Crimson Uprising started, these variants were no longer used as artillery weapons. The humans of Russia gave them their weapons they’ve used in their old wars, similar of what the humans of America did.
    Mikhailov: “When we got closer to the orb, Silknight had one last trick in her sleeve…”
    Angela: “What trick?”

    Glumdoll Crypt, Crpyta
    Mikhailov: “TROLLS!”
    Six giant trolls jumped down from above as the stone floor vibrated. Hot blooded giant beasts with spikes attached to their spines and heads while releasing the roar of dragons. Their eyesights are extremely poor, but they can hear well. While charging right at us, we suddenly equipped our firearms from our backs.
    The bullets of the rifles and the pellets of the double barreled shotguns seemed ineffective after it hit the trolls. A single headshot could’ve brought a troll to its knees, but none of us had a rifle with a telescopic sight. Few of my soldiers tried to dodge away from the attacks, but they were immediately hurled and lost their lives. Separated into two groups, we tried to flank the enraged trolls but they are still covering the orb to prevent us retrieving it.
    Andropov: “COMMANDER!”
    UUSR Officer: “Commander Mikhailov, the hero of Rushia is with the other group!”
    The next thing I knew, a troll kicked him as he crashed against the brick wall, hard. The impact forced the legend to land on the ground as he lied on the stone floor. Without his helmet, he would have joined the lost souls of the Crimson soldiers that fought during the civil war.
    Mikhailov: “COMRADE, NOOO!”
    The growling troll that kicked him glared at Andropov as the beast was about to end him once and for all. The hero was not moving a single inch. Andropov’s group tried to stop the beast, but our bullets were no match to the trolls. Death was about to take him away from Alterra…
    Click. PING! BOOM! The headless troll sank into the ground, while soldiers from the different group fired at the giant trolls.
    UUSR Officer: “Look, Commander Mikhailov! Reinforcements!”
    Gunshots increased while the floor became a carpet of bullet cases. We were now the predators, and the trolls are our prey.
    Mikhailov: “Yes! Comrade Dragunov always looks upon the Crimson Army. COMRADES, SAVE THE HERO OF RUSHIA!”

    Camp D.A, Crpyta
    Mikhailov: “The trolls were defeated, and we finally managed to retrieve the Orb of Destruction for Dragunov. The damage Andropov took impacted him so much he had to stay in the hospital until the humans arrived. Only he ate and slept during his recovery…”
    Staring at Andropov, I thought of him as a warrior having many arrows sticked into his armor while fighting.
    Mikhailov: “When the humans from the other world discovered Alterra, they changed our lives deepfully. Our villages have become towns and cavalry transform into tanks! After the humans left, there were millions of new recruits, armed with new weapons. Dragunov no longer needed the veterans of the civil war, and yet never gave us an honorable discharge...”

    Medved, Rushia
    I remember I was reading an article about tanks and how they were first created. While hearing footsteps, the silver colored doors opened by two SUA officials. The one standing in the middle was a commissar; he had handcuffs in his hands.
    Commissar: “Commander Mikhailov, you are under arrest by the orders of Comrade Dragunov!”
    Mikhailov: “What? What for?!"
    Commissar: “Comrade Dragunov no longer needs the veterans of the civil war. Come with us. NOW.”

    To Be Continued...
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    Happy Victory Day. Cyrillic will now have a transliteration in the Pocket Legends series.


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