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Thread: Armor in PvP

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    Default Armor in PvP

    An issue is regarding the Armor stat. Players are able to create very high armor stats and when you have so much, it's very hard to even damage them. What I'm suggesting for this one is this, to limit the amount of armor possible. You could tone it down a bit for the gems and weapons in the forge.
    Also the electric centipede proc rate and dmg seems far too low, can you please fix it? Thanks

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    Agreed on all parts

    With the right combination of armor and dodge players are nearly invulnerable.

    The new amounts of damage that were added to the game were not enough to counter the armor/dodge (600+ dps with 100% crit does no damage). The only thing that does do damage is brimstone/fatalburst combo (shadow dance bleed combo does damage like brimstone but hits at a far lower rate). This is now a one power game.

    The new weapons are nearly useless as well. They hit at a rate far less than brimstone does. The proc/effect if they do hit are the only thing that do damage.

    We appreciate all the changes you've made in the game but please look into putting some balance back into it.


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